Monday, December 3, 2018


Dear Friend of Humane Services in Tijuana,
In keeping with the tradition of sending a summary report to FHSTJ donors and volunteers at the end of the year, I am pleased to be able to share the following and tell you that we have, once again, exceeded our goals for the fiscal year. Last year we were able to expand support for:

Before After

Street Clinic Treatment
Post-op Recovery- Dogs

Post-op Recovery- Cats
Finding Forever Homes


Education starts with the children.
Emphasizes spay/neuter and general care.
The following is an excerpt from Form 990 that we submit annually to the IRS . I am proud to be able to share these impressive results:

 ¨ The past fiscal year saw major changes in the number of rescue groups and individuals that we support. We now support 5 grassroots organizations in addition to several individual rescuers. Thus, we changed the name of the organization from Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana to Friends of Humane Services in Tijuana…

Major accomplishments for the year were:
Provided funding for 939 free spay/neuter surgeries.
Provided funding for 2275 medical treatment of animals for mange and parasites.
Provided funding to rescuers for 152 individual, special veterinary medical treatments.
Distributed $3058.00 of purchased pet food to rescuers.
Distributed $4500.00 worth of donated pet food to individuals needing help to feed pets.
Provided forever homes for 73 animals via our adoption programs at pet stores in San Diego, Ca.

In addition to the aforementioned major accomplishments, we distributed non medical and animal housing supplies to rescuers. We also provided information to the public and to rescuers regarding the procedure to file complaints about animal cruelty and where to find various animal related services. ¨

With larger numbers of animals served comes more public awareness of FHSTJ programs. Thus, the requests for help from poor individuals as well as from grassroots groups working in poor neighborhoods has dramatically increased and it is painful and heart wrenching to have to tell people that we have limited resources. While we have seen an improvement in public awareness for the need for spay/neuter and rescues, there are still thousands of street animals on any given day that need help. Without an increase in income, we will be faced with the reality of having to reduce services. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. HELP US SAVE THESE ANIMALS FOR A LIFE OF STARVATION, DISEASE, PAIN AND FEAR.
FHSTJ support went to individual volunteer rescuers as well as to grassroots groups doing spay/neuter and parasite/mange clinics. These volunteers could not have served such a large numbers of animals without FHSTJ support. The animals came from the poorest neighborhoods in the Tijuana area.
The vast majority of volunteers doing work live very modestly and yet they share their limited resources with the animals in need. They come from grass roots groups such as PATA, Por Amor A Tobby, PROATI and Fundacion PF. They deserve support. If you approve of this work, please consider making a donation. They rely on FHSTJ in order to flourish. Your donations are tax deductible.

YOU CAN DONATE BY GOING TO THE WEB SITE www.friendsofhstj.organd clicking on DONATE. 
Send a check made payable to FHSTJ to the following address:
Friends of HSTJ
641 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #B3-431
San Ysidro, Ca 92173

 Friends of Humane Services in Tijuana is an IRS approved 501 c 3 charity #77-0704404
Contact information: Direct your questions to the above address or by email to
Be A Responsible Donor

Before you donate to an animal charity, the minimum you should ask is: 

Is the organization approved by the IRS as a charity? Do they publish their IRS number so that you can avail yourself of the information if you choose.

To whom do they pay salaries?

Do they provide donors with periodic reports?

FHSTJ can respond to these questions. FHSTJ is approved by the IRS as noted above.
FHSTJ has one part-time office employee who monitors and records activity results, donations, and communications to insure that donors’ gifts are used in the most efficient way possible. No volunteer, board member or officer of the board receives monetary or in-kind compensation. FHSTJ provides donors with two reports a year as well as a running report on the web site in the blog. We invite you to visit the blog. Go to and click on the BLOG.

Be An Ambassador
You can be a great help in spreading the word about helping animals in need.
Be an ambassador for FHSTJ and send this information on to good people like yourself and who are genuinely concerned about animals in need. 

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us help the animals.

Richard Massa
President, Friends of Humane Services in Tijuana