Thursday, December 7, 2017


The first event  was held on the 28th of October. FHSTJ supported a spay and neuter event organized by volunteers of Por Amor a Tobby which  was held in the very poor neighborhood of Divina ProvidenciaFHSTJ  provided 1000 lbs. of pet food for the 80 rescuers and individuals who brought animals and also paid the additional vet costs for those animals which the organization did not have funds. Two dogs near the event were found in the street, starving and ill. FHSTJ immediately provided certificates to rescuers to take them for veterinary care.  Rescuers will continue receiving support throughout their rehabilitation. The photo history of one of the rescues follows.

The second event  was held on 29 Oct 17 in the neighborhood Viente de Noviembre in Tijuana. It was organized by volunteers 
of Fundación Pet Friends of Bastet Cat 
Sponsored in major part by Friends of HSTJ 
Total Animals Attended to: 132
Friends of HSTJ surgery = 88
[28 female dogs; 18 male dogs; 33 female cats; 9 male cats] 
Several rescuers in addition to the general public attended. The input from those bringing animals was very positive. The residents expressed their gratitude. It had been some time since there was a mass sterilization clinic conducted in that area of Tijuana. There were also requests from neighborhood leaders in other needy areas of the city. More clinics are being planned for 2018 which will support these volunteers as well as three other volunteer rescue groups who need FHSTJ support to function at this level.