Thursday, December 14, 2017


FHSTJ Holiday Newsletter                                     December, 2017

Dear Friends:
The past year has been one of amazing growth and expanded services to the needy animals in the greater Tijuana area. As a result of your continued support we have been able expand support to include not only HSTJ but four other rescue groups most in need of our support to rescue as well as organize spay and neuter clinics in the poorest areas of the city. These local rescuers depend on FHSTJ and would not be able to handle the
current number of animals without it. 
In order to provide rescuers with timely support, FHSTJ instituted a certificate program whereby  animals receive immediate veterinary care, including spay and neuter if  ready. This encourages more grassroots/neighborhood rescue groups to help the street animals. The goal is rescue, spay/neuter, and then adoption.

Our fiscal year began on the first of July and during these last five months we have already sponsored 343 spay/neuter surgeries in mass clinics. In addition, 55 rescues were attended to via the certificate program of which the majority were sterilized. These numbers will most likely  double by the end of the fiscal year. There are six local veterinarians participating in the certificate program and more have expressed interest. We also treated a total of 920 animals for mange and parasites. We expect this number to also double by the end of this fiscal year.

FHSTJ undertakes other programs as well. We offer adoptions at various San Diego Petco and Petsmart locations. We present public education programs in Tijuana and make teaching materials available to the city and individual rescuers. We distribute tons of pet food to rescuers as well as individuals attending clinics.

Become An Advocate
Most of us know friends who are interested in animal welfare.  Become an advocate for the Tijuana street animals by sharing this information with people that are as concerned as you. Sharing with one more person will make a difference.
These results could not be possible without your continued support We invite you to see the photos and read the brief reports on the on the animals YOU have helped. Go to and click on the BLOG. You have saved these animals from a life of starvation, disease, pain and fear.

Remember, these kinds of successes only increase our challenge to do more. These animals need your continued support.
You can donate by sending a check to:
Friends of HSTJ
641 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #B3-431
San Ysidro, CA 92173
Go to and click on the donate page.


Thanks to the merchants who provided gifts, we were able to give
 participating donors an opportunity to win a prize.
Michelle C. in Spring Valley, 2 San Diego Zoo passes;
Karri F. in San Diego, 3 complimentary meal passes to Souplantation;
Noehlia A. in Los Angeles, a $15 Starbucks card;
Michael F. in San Ysidro, a $10 gift card to the Karl Strauss Brewing Company and
Luis G. in San Diego, a $50 guest card to The Patio restaurant.

As you can see from this report, your continued support has allowed us to serve many more animals than we initially anticipated.

FHSTJ's priority is to keep grassroots rescue groups viable via direct support. It is more efficient than running a shelter which can only keep a few animals at a time. By supporting rescuers and neighborhood groups, more animals are cared for and more mass spay/  neuter clinics take place in areas most in need. The greater Tijuana area of 3 million people and thousands of abandoned street animals needs more individuals doing rescues and organizing neighborhood spay clinics. We at FHSTJ try to do our best to bring this about. Our programs are currently giving aid to five rescue groups and we have grown to become ¨ friends of humane services of Tijuana. ¨ Please take another look at the above photo of a recent rescue. We need to do hundreds more. Please help us help these animals.
Richard  Massa
President FHSTJ