Sunday, September 24, 2017


Friends of HSTJ along with Foundation Pet Friends of Tijuana conducted a spay & neuter clinic on August 20, 2017.  It was an enormous success!

A total of 228 animals were registered and admitted. Friends of HSTJ was responsible for 134 surgeries, 59 female cats, 24 male cats, 34 female dogs and 17 male dogs.

The clinic started early A.M. and ended early evening. It was well attended.  The message about the needed spay & neuter is reaching the public in Tijuana thanks to public education which is one of the seven programs of Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana

Recovery Tent
People are called as the animals are coming out of anesthesia

Elizabeth Bajaras, titular/charge person (far right), proudly announces that 224 animals have been registered and the majority came from one of the poorest areas, Zona Norte, where the population was targeted for this clinic.


This is Roñas.  She is 7 years old and rescued from the streets by Isabel in Colonia Morelos. She is pictured here with her rescuer, Isabel.  Her life is much better now.


This is Kobu. He was abandoned at a school, along with 4 other kittens a while back in Villa del Real.  He is pictured with his rescuer, Graciela.  She has been doing rescues for 30 years.  
She also brought 2 other animals to the clinic.


Cuky (the light beige cutie) was rescued by Adriana and became a family pet. Raton, a romeo, was a street dog coming around to be with Cuky. Adriana rescued him too. They were brought to the clinic together.


Meet Angelica. She is a rescuer with 20 animals at her home shelter.  She brought in 8 dogs and 2 cats, her latest rescues, to this spay & neuter clinic. Angelica is dedicated and will continue to get support.


This is Molly. She is 4 years old.
She was adopted by Karla when her former owner had to leave the area & couldn't care for her.
She was fortunate to have Carla come to her rescue because many dogs like Molly are left in public areas or on the streets to fend for themselves.


This is Bully. She had 3 previous litters of 10-12 pups!  The owner regrets that she had to wait for this long  to have her spayed. She expressed her gratitude so that Bully could have a better life.

We also sponsored a

Spay & Neuter Clinic in

Villas de el Campo 
on the same day
August 20, 2017

17 dogs & 12 cats: A total of 29 Surgeries