Sunday, September 10, 2017



As you can see from the photos below, these animals were being kept in horrendous conditions! 

The neighbor took action, took one of the dogs who was pregnant and called the authorities who removed all of the animals accept 2 that were fixed, so no more puppies.
Two of our rescuers, Patty & Juan, took in 4 dogs and the 3 puppies (that were then 3 days old).  The neighbors also ended up giving them several dogs that belonged to their family members.
We are pleased to announce that all of these animals have now been adopted, including the two little doxy's  (puppies of the pregnant mother mentioned above). They were adopted at Petco by a wonderful family, and as you can see, they are now happy beach-goers!
We also want to introduce you to some of our rescuers.  
These wonderful people work hard to help animals such as these pictured Doxy's, nurturing and caring for them until they're ready for their forever home. 
So hats off to Vicky, Rebecca, Juan, Consuelo, Patty & Nilsa!