Monday, August 28, 2017

Your Donations at Work

In January 2017, Señora Aida was returning from work when she saw a dog hunched in fear on a busy street and seemingly resigned to being hit by a car. The dog was weak, sick, filthy and bald with mange. She apparently didn’t even have a desire to move. Senora Aida gathered her up and brought her home. She fed her, bathed her, let her rest and named her Pepper.

Señora Aida is a hard worker and experienced rescuer but with limited resources. She contacted FHSTJ upon making the rescue and asked for immediate help with medications. We were able to furnish mange medicine, medicated baths, vitamins, essential oils, and a special diet. Pepper was also identified as needing future FSHTJ certificate program veterinary treatment as well as the FHSTJ spay/neuter program.
In August 2017, Pepper appears to be fully recovered,happy and ready for adoption. She is once again a beautiful and proud dog thanks to a dedicated rescuer and the support we were able to give with the help of FHSTJ donors.