Monday, August 28, 2017

Your Donations at Work

In January 2017, Señora Aida was returning from work when she saw a dog hunched in fear on a busy street and seemingly resigned to being hit by a car. The dog was weak, sick, filthy and bald with mange. She apparently didn’t even have a desire to move. Senora Aida gathered her up and brought her home. She fed her, bathed her, let her rest and named her Pepper.

Señora Aida is a hard worker and experienced rescuer but with limited resources. She contacted FHSTJ upon making the rescue and asked for immediate help with medications. We were able to furnish mange medicine, medicated baths, vitamins, essential oils, and a special diet. Pepper was also identified as needing future FSHTJ certificate program veterinary treatment as well as the FHSTJ spay/neuter program.
In August 2017, Pepper appears to be fully recovered,happy and ready for adoption. She is once again a beautiful and proud dog thanks to a dedicated rescuer and the support we were able to give with the help of FHSTJ donors.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Your Donations at Work

FHSTJ Certificate Program for Low Cost Spay/Neuter & Medical Treatment

With your continued support, FHSTJ launched a new program to fill the gap left when HSTJ Mexico had to close the fixed base Centro clinic. Friends of HSTJ developed a certificate program that will serve the rescuers and those with limited resources who depended on the Centro clinic. The president of FHSTJ has been working closely with five local veterinarians located in strategic neighborhoods who will provide FHSTJ sponsored low cost spay, neuter and treatments via a certificate program. The goal is to serve the number of animals that were seen at the Centro clinic before its closure. The program is designed to maintain a cost effective, high quality care service for the animals. This new program is in addition to the FHSTJ sponsored spay / neuter and parasite /mange control mobile clinics. 
Alex Arias, FHSTJ board member and Dr. Marco Antonio Tapia MVZ [DVM] proudly prepare for the June 2017 distribution of certificates to rescuers and owners of animals in need of spay/neuter and medical treatment.
Certificates for spay and neuter are distributed after a presentation on the need to spay and neuter.

Certificates are issued to those most in need and who cannot travel to the centers for the mass sterilization clinics. It is also designed for animals that might need treatment before they are healthy enough for spay or neuter.
People attending the street events are receptive to advice about animal care and many take advantage of the mass spay and neuter clinics that FHSTJ sponsors or, for those special cases, the certificate program that provides veterinary care through DVMs who participate in the FHSTJ certificate program.