Sunday, June 25, 2017

May 2017 Itchy Scratchy Clinic

Your Donations At Work

We are happy to report that we held a major parasite & mange treatment event on May 27th, 2017, in Colonia Nueva Aurora, one of the poorest colonias here in Tijuana. Most of the animals brought to the event had never even had any prior veterinary care.
It is important to use these events to educate the public and we try to capture the attention of young people, hoping to instill a sense of responsibility for pet ownership 
as well as compassion for the street animals.

We're sure you'll agree that to share our limited resources with these rescued street animals is a noble thing. We just wish we could help more people take in the more than 7000 animals still roaming the streets in Tijuana.

We treated 6 cats & 139 dogs at this clinic.  That makes a total of 1,321 animals so far this year, that we were able to rid of pain and suffering because of mange, fleas, ticks, etc.

So, THANK YOU goes to our beloved donors!

Thank you for making all of this possible!

This is Elote...
A few months ago, ELOTE was found with two other 2-month-old  puppies in a cemetery of the neighborhood of Nueva Aurora.  Unfortunately it is a practice in many areas of this city to abandon unwanted kittens and puppies in a common community local and leave them to fend for themselves among the local population.  Most live a life of misery. The fortunate ones are those like ELOTE and his two sisters CANICA and PALETA. ELOTE was adopted by Gisela and the other two by Gisela's mother in Tecate. ELOTE has his forever home with Gisela and is a guardian and companion for her and her children. ELOTE is now 7 months old. Gisela is waiting for the next spay & neuter clinic to have ELOTE neutered. FHSTJ supports both the street Itchy-Scratchy clinics and spay and neuter clinics. ELOTE was treated at the May 27, 2017 Itchy-Scratchy event in Nueva Aurora along with 139 dog and 6 cats that were treated for parasites and mange. This event also served as a public education opportunity where people were given information about pet care and the need for spay and neuter.