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October, 2016


Updated From Our Archives
March 2015

We recently received a follow-up letter regarding little "Fluffy", adopted in March of 2015. The letter (and the story) was so heartwarming for FHSTJ, we just HAD to share the update with you!
Here is a photo of Fluffy when she was first found and rescued. As you can readily see, she was in desperate need of medical attention... and a forever home.

She was rescued and fostered by Elena, while awaiting her forever home.
Here is the condensed version of the story that her adopted mom, Valarie, recently sent us. 
"You may recall I found Fluffy online within the week of having to put down my long hair Chihuahua Shaycee who had finally succumbed to kidney failure.   While I still had Cheetah, (short hair adopted male) I wanted a 2nd dog for a companion to Cheetah and was used to two dogs.

"End result? I love my girl Fluffy!  I picked her because she had the long hair wavy coat like Shaycee.   Fluffy is very different from Shaycee and probably the most “anxious and active” dog I’ve ever had.
"The kennel I have is quite large and so it easily holds two large dog beds.  Fluffy is known for dropping her “butt” in whatever location she wants to get the best view---even if that means she’s half sitting on or pushing little Cheetah to the back of the bus…he’s just 7 lbs.   But his temperament is such that he puts up with it.

"So Fluffy has managed to scoot one of the dog beds to the front door of the kennel.   The majority of time she sits with the front half of her body perched on the edge of the bed as she stands guard hanging out of the kennel keeping an eye on ME constantly.   I work from home and so am about 10 feet across the room from her and Cheetah all day.    The 'second' I utter an OK the dogs fly across the room and know they’ve been given permission to get up in the recliner with me.    Fluffy jumps up and turns around facing out but sitting next to me…………Cheetah flies to the foot landing and then to the arm of the chair.   Sometimes he’ll stay on the arm.   More often than not he’ll scoot his butt down on Fluffy’s back and go to sleep.     Now all this occurs quite often while I have moved over in the chair as much as I can so I still have room to work my laptop while they are there with me.

"I know Fluffy was raised around cats.   She faithfully grooms Cheetah at night….licks his eyes and his ears.  Must be cat taught! Cheetah likes it a lot because he seeks out the grooming by putting his head near her face.

"Fluffy is just so very loving.  She watches TV like no dog I’ve ever owned.  She barks at every animal she sees on TV.  What’s absolutely amazing to me is sometimes I will mute the TV and she will still bark at seeing animals.   Once last year I had locked both dogs in my master bedroom as I needed to make some business calls.   I left the TV on.   For 20 minutes in the background there was just tremendous barking going on.   I finally went in the room and found the station was playing a Western movie and there was a team of horses on the screen entertaining her.  

"At night when we go to bed…I can’t hardly start to pet her before she immediately goes on her back for me to rub her big flat belly.   She will finally turn over and climb up on my stomach and just look at me with such love and adoration.  When I pet her head and face and neck she makes little noises like she’s trying to express—"Mama….you are the best"!
I love this little girl and the so sweet dog she is.   She’s stolen my heart forever.  You can’t buy this kind of love.

"Maybe you could forward this to the Foster Mom who cared for Fluffy before I adopted her.   I want her to know Fluffy and Cheetah are great friends and Fluffy is much loved."

And here are the "after" photos of Fluffy now in her happy, forever home.