Monday, October 17, 2016

Keeping Things in Balance
FHSTJ were informed of an overpopulation of feral cats roaming one of the schools in Tijuana. Turns out, one of the young students was feeding them. However, these same animals were not spayed nor neutered, so of course, they began to multiply.
The principals of the school were approached in order to educate them regarding humane population control for these cats. FHSTJ strongly advised them against killing the animals, as this would throw off the balance in nature. (Once the cats were gone, the school would be plagued with rats and other vermin—and of course this would in turn attract even more cats)  After much deliberation, they finally agreed to lend FHSTJ a place at their facility to sterilize the cats once they were trapped.

Yesterday (October 16th), FHSTJ trapped 23 cats including several kittens.  We are happy to report that each and every one are now spay/neutered (including the kittens) and that people from that same school are going to adopt some of the kittens.

FHSTJ are planning on going back next week to follow up and take care of the rest of the cats.  We’ll keep you informed.