Monday, July 11, 2016

Gratitude for dog food - Mrs. G

At times rescuers’ circumstances prevent them from bringing any more rescued animals into their homes, so they have developed an alternative method. They visit and feed the animals daily at their current location. Veterinary attention is provided and once the animals are in better shape, they are put in a foster home where they complete their recovery and rehabilitation. Then they can be sterilized. 
The happy animal is ready to be adopted. This is the case with Merlyng, a wonderful person that regularly makes her rounds in her community.  
Ms. Merlyng G writes:
"Thanks to Friends of Humane Society for the dog food we receive. We give food and water to dogs in the street. unfortunately I cannot make more space in my house because I already have a lot. Still, thanks for helping me with my labor. [...] Thanks to you we can keep feeding street dogs. I wish I could take in more dogs, but unfortunately I still have dogs who haven’t gotten adopted yet. But I still give them (homeless dogs) water and feed them thanks to the dog food I receive from Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana.
"One example of this is Pako. He roamed the streets of Tijuana full of fleas and ticks, hungry and afraid of everyone because people used to hit him; until one day we got hold of an individual rescuer who took him in with the condition that we provided food for the dog because she didn’t want to leave her own rescues without food. Today, thanks to the food provided by FRIENDS OF HUMANE SOCIETY DE TIJUANA, Pako has been adopted and has a place to live." [end of quote]

We have known Merlyng for quite some time, and are happy to continue assisting her and many other rescuers with food donations we receive. This message of gratitude also goes out to all of you who donate, making it possible for us to extend this support to those who help it get to where it needs to go.