Saturday, November 28, 2015

Purrfectly Patient

This story begins early one morning in August, 2015. Mrs. Zamora, an individual rescuer, was up early feeding her rescued cats, when a stray cat came towards her, meowing loudly. Mrs. Zamora had never seen this cat before, but her instinct as an experienced rescuer told her that this cat was meowing due to pain. She picked her up gently and saw a huge lump on her side. She thought, “There is no way I can just feed her and leave her alone.” So she brought her in to the HSTJ Center thinking that perhaps it was a tumor.

Dr. Angel Hernandez, attending veterinarian at the HSTJ Center explained that the cat was a pregnant female with a hernia, and the lump was actually her intestines held in only by her skin. As she later discovered, someone had kicked the stray cat on her side and the impact ruptured her muscles, causing the painful hernia. Furthermore, the mommy cat was almost ready to have her babies and couldn’t be operated on until they were weaned. The vet recommended that she remain in a calm quiet area to avoid additional injuries.

 Mrs. Zamora named her MAMA and cared for her with love. Soon thereafter, MAMA delivered seven beautiful kittens. Mrs. Zamora could tell that MAMA’s pain was increasing as she continued nursing her kittens, and her health was visibly declining. As soon as the kittens could be weaned onto dry food, Mrs. Zamora took MAMA back to the HSTJ Center where her hernia was corrected and she was spayed.


Today MAMA shows no more signs of pain and has made a full recovery. She now lives with her rescuer, and incredible as it may seem, she is doing a great job looking after a litter of orphaned kittens that Mrs. Zamora recently rescued. By the way, all of MAMA's kittens were adopted by loving families.