Friday, November 27, 2015


Peggy was abandoned in this cage for 6 months.

 This is Peggy. She was left abandoned by her owners at a veterinary office. There, she was subject to six months of neglect. For those six months she never left her cage.

She was rescued from there by a man and his daughter. She was steadily rehabilitated from her severe state of physical malnutrition and from her terrifying fear of humans.

Once she became healthy once again, Peggy was sterilized and vaccinated. Her true spirit began to shine through and her fear melted away.

Peggy may have lost her previous home, but she found her forever home with a man named Francisco and they now live in Tlaxcala, MEXICO. She is one happy pup and will never know fear and loneliness ever again.
Peggy gaining weight and
letting go of her fear
and apprehension.

Peggy with her new rescuers and her new dad, Francisco.

Peggy at present. A happy girl that got a second
chance at having a loving family.