Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Newsletter 2015 - PRESIDENT'S END OF THE YEAR REPORT

November 2015

Dear Friend of the Humane Society de Tijuana:

As the 2015 calendar year closes we take this opportunity to share our successes and the immediate, urgent challenges as well. During the past year we were able to expand the types of veterinary services offered at the HSTJ Center and, as expected, it resulted in many more pleas for assistance.  As of now, no one has been turned down. You can read some of these stories right here on our blog.

Last year also saw a tremendous increase in spays and neuters as well as animals treated at the street clinics, bringing the year’s total to 5,886 cats and dogs! Added to that, were all the animals benefiting from our food distribution programs and the rehabilitation/adoption programs.

Another major accomplishment was the development of a public education program, EduCan, which has gained recognition from the municipal government of the City of Tijuana.

On another positive note, we had an unexpected negative situation in October actually turn into something very positive. The building we rented for the HSTJ Center changed hands and our lease was not renewed in September. We were able to lease another location, and while we incurred large moving expenses due to the equipment transportation and a 15% increase in rent, the new location has proved to be ideal. 

The reality is that due to our program successes, the demands for such have far exceeded our budget to provide them, and will soon deplete current funds. Without additional support, we will not be able to continue this increased level of service to the animals of our rescuers and low income public.
We are sending you this urgent plea because we cannot allow ourselves to deny services to any animal that needs it. Please keep in mind that there are an estimated 10,000 animals living on the streets of  Tijuana on any given day and they need help. HELP US MAINTAIN OUR CURRENT LEVEL OF SUPPORT FOR THESE  DESERVING  ANIMALS.

FHSTJ & HSTJ receive no government support and continue with an all volunteer staff except for a part time program coordinator. No officer or board member receives monetary compensation. The compensation comes from seeing happy and healthy animals. We depend on your generosity to continue rescuing abandoned and abused animals and saving them from a life of starvation,    disease, pain and fear.


You can do so by visiting and clicking on the donation page, or you can mail your contribution to:

Friends of HSTJ
641 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #B3-431
San Ysidro, CA 92173

On behalf of the animals and the dedicated staff of FHSTJ & HSTJ, I offer a sincere thank you.

Richard Massa
President, Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana