Friday, November 27, 2015

First there were three, and then there was one

These are the two boys.
 These three pups were rescued on September 20th, 2015. This is their story:

On that date we were holding a large Sterilization Campaign in the Buenos Aires Colonia. One volunteer walked to a small park just two blocks away and was about to eat her lunch when she saw something terrible. A man came into the park and dumped three tiny puppies that he had in a bucket. They were all less than 3 pounds and they were all 4 weeks old. All three were near starvation, weak and infested with worms and fleas.

Any human with a heart would not be able to leave 3 defenseless puppies in a huge park next to a very busy road to basically get killed or die of starvation. So, she picked them up and brought them to the clinic to find a solution. They obviously needed immediate medical attention in order to become healthy and then be moved into a foster home.

 It has always been our mission to do what is best for the animals and so vets and volunteers present worked together to make arrangements for the pups to receive 'round-the-clock attention. Amazingly, this was accomplished and the pups would not be alone any longer.

This is the girl.
Being in the rescue industry means that we have to be flexible and willing to do what it takes to help the animals. And yes, things happen that are unexpected and unplanned and that is just the way it is. One cannot control where and when situations like this will present themselves. Three innocent souls were saved on that Sunday and it was the only thing that could be done at the time.

With that watchful supervision, both male puppies quickly showed improvement, but the girl puppy was very sickly. Sadly, the girl did not survive.

Once the two boys were nursed back to health, they were transferred to their foster home. Then some time after that, it was discovered that the larger of the two had been born with a severe and painful heart condition, and ultimately it was decided that he be put down humanely.

Today, only one of those pups remains and his name is Aidan. He will soon be ready for adoption. For adoption information please contact Vicky:
This is the largest of the two boys.
This is Aidan.