Thursday, August 13, 2015

COMING SOON: New Municipal Regulations for Animal Welfare in Tijuana

Since its founding back in 2006, it has always been Humane Society de Tijuana's policy to work cooperatively with the City of Tijuana through dialogue.

Having a solid reputation and ample experience in the field, HSTJ and FHSTJ were among a handful of organizations invited by the Town Councilor and other government officials to collaboratively analyze, critique and revise the new Municipal Regulations for the Humane Treatment of Domestic Animals in Tijuana.

Representatives of both our organizations studied the document and were able to pinpoint specific articles that required revision. Meetings were held periodically beginning in April 2015 and concluding in July 2015 when the final draft was approved by the majority.

The new regulations are certainly a step in the right direction for the City of Tijuana because in over 50 years nothing as specific as this document had ever been enacted. We are in expectation for the final document to be made public over the coming months.