Friday, August 14, 2015


Muscular reconstruction, tumor removals, a bustling Spay-Neuter Campaign, exciting Adoption Events, and to top it all off, a hoarding case that deeply touched the hearts of many. These are just some of the highlights from HSTJ's activities and events during July. We invite you to read this month's report.

On July 26th, the monthly Spay/Neuter Campaign was held in colonia Nueva Aurora. Their community benefited from the comprehensive EduCan Project which included workshops with kids and adults, as well as three "Itchy-Scratchy Street-Clinics", prior to the S/N campaign. 



***Can you help?***
We welcome volunteers to assist in this, and all of our other activities. There is always plenty to do and all help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to volunteer at a future event, please do not hesitate to contact us. In most cases, transportation into Mexico and back to the U.S. is provided by us.
And if you are a licensed veterinarian and would consider dedicating one full Sunday to perform cat/dog sterilizations in Tijuana, that would be fantastic too!

The HSTJ Center saw a tremendous increase in traffic!

The HSTJ Center is a low-cost veterinary clinic for rescuers and families with little means. All of the services offered are subsidized by us. Click on the link if you want to learn more about this facility.

HSTJ Center - Stats for July 2015
 TOTAL: 83 cats and dogs sterilized

Other cats and dogs required special procedures or surgeries this month. Some of those were:

This girl was just rescued off the streets
 with a severe case of mange.
With proper care and treatment, she will
soon make a full recovery.
This kitten was found and
brought to the HSTJ Center.
Through social media, we located
another rescuer with a mom cat and
her litter. She has become a fine
 surrogate for this little one.
The attending vet at the HSTJ Center, Dr. Angel Hernandez,  also saw and treated many routine cases such as: flea/tick infestations, stomach illnesses, worms, eye infections, minor scrapes/bruises, skin infections (mange), etc. He also preformed ultrasounds for at-risk pregnant females and administered vaccinations.
...And remember, all of this is offered to rescuers and low-income families at a very low cost, and in many cases, completely free of cost. Month after month, it is evident that the HSTJ Center has certainly proven to be a wonderful resource.
Itchy-Scratchy Clinics

These events are scheduled weekly in different locations. We target the most impoverished areas of Tijuana, where people would otherwise not be able to afford something like this. Volunteers set up a small booth along the street and invite all the neighbors to bring their cats and dogs. The trained volunteers administer flea/tick repellent, a broad-spectrum deworming medication, vitamins, their eyes and ears are cleaned, nails are clipped, in some cases minor lesions are cleaned but in other cases owners are referred to the HSTJ Center for proper examination and treatment. All of this is a free service, but we do ask those with means to consider making a small donation. Many are so grateful for these events that they happily make whatever contribution they can.
NOTE: The services offered at these clinics will vary, depending on the materials we have on hand that week
Ultimately, making direct contact with residents is not only educational, but also the first step towards sparking their interest in sterilization. Also, this may be the first time that their animals have ever been evaluated or treated.

These clinics are rapidly becoming an integral part of our new EduCan Project.

During July the total animals treated at street clinics were 317 cats and dogs.
Nueva Aurora
La Morita
La Gloria
Lazaro Cardenas
Camino Verde
Adoption Events
During July we held 3 adoption events in San Diego and are happy to report that six of our wonderful rescues found their forever homes and were embraced by the warmth of their new family.

Thanks to Petco's continuous support, we happily conduct several adoption events every month. You are more than welcome to come out and meet some of our wonderful rescues that are absolutely ready for adoption. Or you can also visit our Petfinder profile, browse the pictures and learn more about our Adoption Protocol. A calendar of future events is on our Petfinder page.
Last month's dates were:
July 5th - Petco
8501 Fletcher Parkway, 
La Mesa, Ca
July 11th - Petco Unleashed
8011 University Avenue,
 La Mesa, Ca
July 26th - Petco 
10410 Friars Road, 
San Diego, Ca

Neglected and Abused Cockapoos
In mid July many of us were taken aback by a very sad hoarding case discovered in Tijuana. HSTJ was called in to help and immediately assessed the situation firsthand, then held a meeting to organize the best way we could help. The next day we rallied up our volunteers, allocated resources, and devoted much time to getting all 29 dogs in better shape (sadly, out of the original 31, two had to be immediately euthanized due to severe pain, illness and emaciation).
It was a tremendous group effort. On this occasion we had to work in conjunction with a local non-profit group and with Tijuana Animal Control.
One month after the cockapoos were initially rescued, we can report that almost half have been adopted, and the other half remain at the Tijuana Center for Animal Control. We are working very hard to find all of them permanent homes. Follow the link to read the full story.
TRANSLATION: Thanks to your DONATIONS of food
I was able to rescue Fifi and take him to the vet.
After being injured he lost one of his eyes,
but today he tells another story. He is healing
and we are rehabilitating him so that he will
once again trust in humans.
The Food Distribution Program
Thanks to you, Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana, for
your donations to Ms. Saralegui. She can continue with
her work as an independent rescuer. She expresses her
gratitude. Here she is receiving her dog food.
Thanks to the food donations that we receive on a weekly basis, we are able to support a network of rescuers with fresh dog and cat food. Together, they have a collective daily census of over 200 rescued cats and dogs that are being rehabilitated. Here are some rescuers expressing their gratitude on our Facebook page. [CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS]

Thank you for reading our monthly report.

To continuously provide these and many other programs year-round in Tijuana, we rely on people that want to volunteer or help in any other way. We welcome monetary donations that keep operations running, and we also welcome unopened bags of fresh dog/cat food, as well as grooming supplies, flea/tick treatment, and deworming medications.

For adoption information, please contact our Adoptions Coordinator, Vicky:
To donate, please visit our website

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sharing the love - MEXICAN RED CROSS

Back in February 2015, the Mexican Red Cross asked Humane Society de Tijuana for help in assuring that they can maintain their K-9 corps of four rescue dogs in good condition. They have a special need for quality dog food. HSTJ has been fortunate to date to have received enough food donations to supply the volunteer rescuers that HSTJ supports on a regular basis and can now assist the Mexican Red Cross [Cruz Roja] K-9 corps of rescue dogs. The Mexican Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization just like HSTJ.

The Cruz Roja K-SAR program is relatively new in Tijuana but the rescue dogs, Jose Felix, Flash, Antonio and Rex have already participated in a national rescue effort-the hurricane in the state of Tabasco and three local tragedies in the neighborhoods of Florido, Esperanza, and Los Pinos. Your continued donations to Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana will assure that we can continue to support Tijuana residents that rescue street animals as well as others needing help with animal care. 

Recently, on July 4th, 2015 the Mexican Red Cross invited HSTJ to the event that celebrated the end of this year's collection drive. The event was held at the Tijuana City Hall, and among other noteworthy guests present, was the Mayor of the City of Tijuana.
We were asked to provide information about a variety of topics such as proper care for pets, the benefits of sterilization, etc. In addition to that, we were asked to hand out one ton of dog food that was donated by Purina Mexico. We promoted the HSTJ Center and handed out 200+ flyers.

COMING SOON: New Municipal Regulations for Animal Welfare in Tijuana

Since its founding back in 2006, it has always been Humane Society de Tijuana's policy to work cooperatively with the City of Tijuana through dialogue.

Having a solid reputation and ample experience in the field, HSTJ and FHSTJ were among a handful of organizations invited by the Town Councilor and other government officials to collaboratively analyze, critique and revise the new Municipal Regulations for the Humane Treatment of Domestic Animals in Tijuana.

Representatives of both our organizations studied the document and were able to pinpoint specific articles that required revision. Meetings were held periodically beginning in April 2015 and concluding in July 2015 when the final draft was approved by the majority.

The new regulations are certainly a step in the right direction for the City of Tijuana because in over 50 years nothing as specific as this document had ever been enacted. We are in expectation for the final document to be made public over the coming months.

A Certificate of Recognition for HSTJ

Recently HSTJ was invited to participate in a family health campaign that would benefit the community and commemorate the "International Day of Health". A dedicated volunteer, Theresa, quickly designed and printed some colorful flyers and was off to represent HSTJ at this event.

Throughout the day she was able to teach people about the importance of animal health and its direct correlation to the family's overall health. Some other topics discussed were: the reality on overpopulation of domestic animals, and a whole session debunking myths and answering questions about spay and neuter.

Click to enlarge
On behalf of HSTJ, Theresa accepted this certificate of recognition from the Regional Delegation for the Mexican Institution of Social Security in Baja California (IMSS) for the support at this event.

Thank YOU for your dedication, Theresa!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Update on the Cockapoo hoarding case

Many of you are wondering what the status is on the recently rescued cockapoos. But in case you missed it, see the full story here.

What we can tell you right now is that it took many volunteers and vets working together to get all of these sweet little dogs in better shape. 

It was a busy couple of days, but as of now, all of them have received a veterinary evaluation, a much needed haircut, medicated baths, spay/neuter surgeries, needed medications and are ready for adoption. 

Slowly but surely 12 of these dogs have been adopted by Mexican families who reside in Tijuana. Of the original 29, only 17 remain at the Dog Pound facilities. Out of the 12 that have already been adopted, two of them were completely blind, yet two different families fell in love with them and were willing to adopt them, care for them, and be patient so that they could adapt to their new homes. Out of the 17 dogs that have yet to be adopted, four are blind as well.

 Their stay at the pound has been extended, but we are still working very hard to get these adopted. Friends of HSTJ has reached out to many cockapoo rescues in the U.S. and as of now have not been able to find room for any of these dogs. We are bringing them up a few at a time so that people can meet them at our Adoption Events held regularly at Petco UNLEASHED locations in the greater San Diego area (held on Sundays). For a regular calendar of these events, please follow us on Facebook.

An invitation has been broadcast to Tijuana residents looking to adopt, in the hopes that they will consider visiting these facilities and just might fall in love with one of these pooches. The invitation is open to anyone, and the adoption process is quite simple.

 1) Be willing and able to adopt and care for a dog. 2) Have enough patience to allow the dog to adjust. 3) Visit the dog pound facility in Tijuana and fill out an application. 4) A home visit is scheduled in order to verify that the dog will have appropriate living quarters (The home visit is done that same day or the following day, depending on availability). 5) Then the family is ready to pick up their newest member and take him home. **The Tijuana city pound is charging an adoption fee of $278 pesos (approximately 17 U.S. dollars). 

 Here is an example of one of the transformations. This dog was nicknamed "Maggie" and she is approximately three years old. Such a happy and beautiful girl!

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt, we ask that you please consider one of these rescued cockapoos. They deserve a second chance at life, and long for the warmth of a home and the love that only a family can give. 
If you are in the U.S. and are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact one of our Adoption Coordinators for more information.

Maggie AFTER
IMPORTANT: For this case in particular, we are NOT soliciting food or monetary donations of any kind, nor have we enlisted anyone to solicit donations on our behalf. What we ask is that you please consider fostering or adopting one of these pups.