Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Amazing rescue of Lucas!

LUCAS was found on May 20, run over on a very busy boulevard in Tijuana. HSTJ volunteers saw him leaning against the wall at the edge of the street, and noticed that despite being so scared, he would not move. They pulled up to the curb and got out quickly. Being such a busy street, it was dangerous to park in that area. They carried Lucas into the car, seeing some blood. But only after getting him home did they notice he had large cuts on his back legs and could not walk. The next day they took him to a vet and found out Lucas had both hind legs fractured. The vet scheduled his operation within two days. Lucas recovered for three months with nails in his legs from side to side. He struggled a lot, because he could not walk properly. When the Vet removed the nails, he explained that LUCAS had recovered well and could now walk properly. After continuing with his shots, de-worming, sterilization and medical tests, another month passed. When Lucas was ready they took him for the first time to an HSTJ Adoption Event at Petco and on that September 19th, 2012 Lucas found a home and his new family!