Thursday, May 3, 2012

HSTJ's April 15, 2012 Sterilization Clinic

On April 15, 2012, HSTJ joined forces with the Western University School of Medicine to sponsor a spay & neuter clinic in Playas de Tijuana.

A group of 20 volunteers from the Student Chapter Association of Shelter Veterinarians traveled down from Pomona, bringing with them donations and medical expertise. Several school professors, who were licensed veterinarians performed surgeries, and the wonderful students, who were eager to help HSTJ's mission to decrease animal over population in Tijuana, assisted in pre and post-op.

A special thank you goes out to Elaine Jordan for organizing this partnership. Our furry friends, who most have never been seen by a vet or vet tech in their lives, were in great hands with this team, getting fixed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, given flea treatment and of course lots of love and kisses!  A total of 48 animals were fixed this day, 12 cats and 36 dogs!

It truly was a pleasure to have such a wonderful team of individuals looking to make a difference for the street animals of TJ and knowing that these very individuals are our future veterinarians! 

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HSTJ Participates in Tijuana Rally to Support International Street Dog Day!

On April 4, 2012 a local march was organized jointly by local rescuers and HSTJ to support Dia Internacional Del Perro Callejero [INTERNATIONAL STREET DOG DAY]  and  to support "spay and neuter" and "adopt don't buy".  It took place in Tijuana near Plaza Rio and the CECUT Cultural Center.

Many  of the local groups that participated are those which HSTJ supports with food, medicines, and spay and neuter services.

As you can see the HSTJ signs are prominent. 

Many other supporter signs read " Sorry for the bother but we are changing the world." 

and "Adopta- No compres " and "No compres, Adopta  [Adopt don't buy]

HSTJ had large displays for sterilization clinics and a video display truck played the HSTJ video -Spay and Neuter Your Animal.

A momentum is definitely building amongst the rescue community in Tijuana, we hope to continue this shift towards change and one day soon see a time of NO MORE HOMELESS PETS! The answer is Spay & Neuter, our number ONE priority and we have our loyal supporters to thank for the progress we have made!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HSTJ Continues to Have a Presence at TJ City Council Meetings Regarding the Local Pound

On March 28, 2012, a follow up meeting was held at the municipal palace in TJ to continue the discussions and budget planning for the city dog pound. HSTJ continues as a participant in this planning.

The city has abandoned its idea of establishing a SHELTER separate from the pound. Instead has augmented the pound budget by 2 million pesos so that it can be enlarged. HSTJ is concerned that this might lead to more of the same, in other words, more capacity to capture animals without humane programs for housing, food and medical treatment. In addition and on the positive side, there was consideration for a quarantine area to ready animals that were adoptable as welll as a dedicated area for spays and neuters. Also, the additional space is to allow for a least 72 hours for an animal to be claimed or adopted before it is euthanized.

Serious attention was given to attending to complaints of animal abuse and supposedly the director of the city pound will be going to investigate accompanied by a representative of the organization or rescuer making the complaint. [This has not been the case in the past and remains to be seen if it actually becomes a reality.]

The city council person [la regidora] Regidora Miriam Ayon was the only one to recognized the important role of animal welfare activists in this type of planning.

HSTJ is proud to be a part of these reforms and sees some results from efforts to convince the authorities of the importance of changing their animal control policies. While the reforms and improvements are far from perfect, HSTJ see this as a start and will push for more reforms.

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