Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HSTJ's October 2012 Spay & Neuter Clinic

We would like to thank the wonderful Western University Students and Teachers of the SC-Association of Shelter Veterinarians group for their wonderful volunteer work at our very busy clinic on October 21, 2012.

We went to a new location in the La Mesa, TJ community and we fixed 55 animals in one day. Not only did they volunteer their precious time to help the animals of TJ, but they also raised funds for us so that we can have more clinics in the communities of Tijuana. They raised a total of $1041 and we could not be more grateful for the time and money that they have given to our cause and to the very deserving animals. One of the wonderful things about helping to run our organization like ours is that we get to see the amazing things that can happen when a group of wonderful people get together to make a difference in the world. Most of us get involved with animal charities because we love the animals, and then it is a big bonus when we get to work with great people who feel the same way.

Special thank you to Elaine Jordan at Western for helping to organize this event with us. She is going to make an amazing Veterinarian someday and the animals are so lucky to have her!!

 The weekend before, an Itchy-Scratchy Clinic was held at this same place,  treating 65 dogs, and 5 cats.  On the  day of the clinic Spay-Neuter Clinic, 27 more animals received the complete  Itchy-Scratchy treatment.

All pets treated at all three clinics in this location received a free bag of dog/cat kibble.

Thank you to all of the wonderful and dedicated volunteers who worked this clinic!

To see all of the pictures from this clinic visit:

Charlie the Boxer is Re-Born!

This is truly an incredible rescue. You would not have recognized this beautiful boxer when she was rescued. Run over by a car and left for dead, an HSTJ volunteer came to Charlie's aid.

Emaciated and dehydrated from exposure and neglect, it was also determined that Charlie had a broken hip. The diagnosis was that Charlie would never regain movement of his hind legs.

The young HSTJ rescuer did not lose hope, she began taking Charlie to a friend's house to swim in his pool. This served as a therapy for Charlie and amazingly enough, she began to grow stronger and her injuries were healed.

Charlie has recovered and regained full movement of her legs. Best of all she has been adopted into a wonderful home!

 To help dog's such as Charlie, please consider joining the Rescue 400 Club where you pledge just $5 a month to support HSTJ's monthly clinics. For more information, visit:

Princess the Weimaraner - Spared from Starvation

It is not only the street mutts that become abandoned, starved and ill, pure breed dogs are also found in need of assistance such as Princess the weimaraner. Princess was rescued by HSTJ volunteers on April 25, 2012. She was found in Tijuana, Mexicotied inside an abandoned house. She suffered from severe malnutrition, fleas and ticksDespite being abandoned by her owners, she immediately trusted her rescuers and they were able to rescue her without any problem. Recovery was long; at the time she was weighing only 32 pounds. Slowly but steady she reached her ideal weight with lots of food, water and tender loving care.

Because HSTJ does not have a shelter, we help individuals and volunteers doing rescues and fostering their rescues in their own homes. We help with food, medications and spay and neuter services. Once the animal is healthy and sterilized and has passed the health protocol, the animal is brought to one of HSTJ's adoption events in San Diego.  Princess is another wonderful story of rescue we are so happy to share with you.

HSTJ is Featured in TJ's Leading Newspaper

On November 11, 2012, a marvelous article about HSTJ appeared in the Frontera, TJ's leading newspaper. The article speaks of HSTJ's success with Spay/Nueter clinics and the change of attitudes on the part of the general public about sterilization. 


A translation of the article is below:
The culture of sterilizing one´s own pets is increasing in Tijuana, as was made evident in Humane Society de Tijuana´s latest Spay/Neuter Clinic. Said clinic was held November 11, 2012 on the Universidad Iberoamericana´s Community Center near Playas de Tijuana. Leticia Coto, president of H.S.T.J. stated that on this day 66 pets were sterilized, of which more than half were males, implying a change in the owners´ attitudes. "I remember 9 years ago when we first started these community programs,  we would hand out flyers letting people know of the upcoming sterilization clinic. Most Tijuana residents had no clue as to what sterilizing their pets meant, and others believed it was a way of cleaning their dog," she said. For that reason, having so many owners bring their pets and more than half being male, involves a great achievement. A change of attitude among the general public, and awareness of the actual health benefits this means for their pets.

 This clinic was open to the public and approximately 30 volunteers and six vets participated. Ms. Coto emphasized that there has also been a change as far as mexican Vets are concerned, as they are now more involved in cooperating and volunteering their services at such clinics. At first, veterinarians felt these FREE or LOW COST spay/neuter clinics took away any possible customers. However, as time passed, they realized that not only was this program beneficial to the pet, but now the owner was more aware of keeping up with his pet´s  health, and therefore was more likely to schedule vet visits.

She added that during December there will be no HSTJ Sterilization Clinics, due to the inclement weather expected, and to the staff required, as most go on vacation or have other activities during this season. She said sterilization campaigns will resume around the end of January, pending availability of trained personnel and milder temperatures, otherwise it would unsuitable for the participants as well as pets.