Friday, August 24, 2012

HSTJ Radio Interview with Radio KTEP

On July 22nd, HSTJ representatives were interviewed on KTEP - National Public Radio - El Paso, Texas. HSTJ talks about the challenges they face in increasing awareness of pet overpopulation among citizens of Tijuana.
Listen here:

The interview begins after about 5 minutes of other news.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

July & August Sterilization Clinics in La Mesa, Tijuana

On July 29th & August 12, 2012, HSTJ held two Spay / Neuter clinics in La Mesa, a Colonia of Tijuana.  

Volunteers received a great response from the community warranting a second clinic. Although the location was modest, setting up surgery and recovery in a small house, the results were amazing. 

The totals for both clinics are as follows:
DOGS: 23

DOGS: 20

Plus three mini clinics were conducted in July fixing an additional 22 animals bringing our clinic totals for July and August to 73 animals!

To see all of the photos from these clinics visit

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Story of Princess and her Incredible Rescue

Our dear Princess was found in a street corner in a very busy part of Tijuana, she was in terrible condition, underweight, mange on most parts of her body, pregnant and very ill. She could not walk or drink water anymore, she was weak and very afraid.

The volunteers took her to the nearest clinic where she received immediate medical attention, she needed an urgent surgery and treatments for her different problems. 
She stayed at the clinic for many days until she was strong enough to eat and drink water by herself.  It took many months for her to recover physically and emotionally, she is very smart and she knew that we taking care of her and protecting her.

On Sundays one of the volunteers would take her for a car ride and to spend time with her, she was always waiting at the door with a very unique expression in her face, for the first time we saw hope in her eyes.  
At this point we knew, she was ready to attend the adoption events because she was not fearful of humans anymore, she became a happy girl, full of joy and curiosity for the world.

To be able to attend her first adoption event we took her to the groomer, she was very cooperative and she let the groomer spoil her, she had a professional  bath and a haircut for the first time, she looked and felt fabulous.
Her first event was a success, she was so excited, she couldn’t stop walking around, kissing everybody and eating treats.   

She attended many events and finally she was adopted by a wonderful couple that adores her, now she has a forever home, she goes for walks everyday and she is receiving all the love she deserves. 
Now her full name is Princess Abigail “Abby” 

This is one of the letters we received from the great family that adopted her:

She is so wonderful!  When you left she missed you and was a little confused. Then she settled down, and we all began to make friends.  She slept on the bed with us that night, and we were all very comfortable. We took a video of her the next morning playing with us with a sock, like a little puppy!  It's long, and we'll try to send it to you when we figure out how.  :o)

Yesterday, we went to a park, and there's a picture of her looking at the ducks.

And today we went to the beach for a couple of hours.  She seemed to really enjoy that.  She's so sweet.  She can be so playful and affectionate sometimes, and she likes to nap on the sofa.  We have both received some very nice doggie kisses and are very happy.  It's hard to believe this is only the third day -- she really belongs here.

We are going to call her Abby -- short for Abigail, which means "Father's Joy".  So I told Bill (Papa-Pup) that her official fancy "show dog" name should be:  Princess Abigail Papa's Joy.  :o)

Again, thank you so very much.  And please express our gratitude to the wonderful people who helped her, healed her, and guided her to be the wonderful doggie that she is now.



Max's Incredible Story of Survival

Max was found is a trash bag, almost dead, his left ear missing, hairless, mange on 90% of his body, dehydrated and terrified.

Despite his terrible condition, Max was kissing us and moving his tale with gratitude from day one.
His rehabilitation was long and full of challenges but his bubbly personality was always there, very happy with all the love and attention. His emotional recovery was incredibly fast considering his situation, he was so happy taking car rides, having playtime and going for walks.

 He attended an adoption event in July, 2012and one of our FHSTJ volunteers in San Diego fell totally in love with him and after knowing his story she decided to adopt him, now he has a wonderful life with lots and lots of toys, love and the best care. 

Rocko - Another Success Story

Rocko was found in a very poor neighborhood in Tijuana, a volunteer called us to let us know that someone  had him tied in a very small area, with no food and water, his collar was already embedded in his skin.
The situation was so critical that about 15 people were involved in this rescue. The owner of the house denied that Rocko was in such bad condition, over and over this person rejected our help, so …a volunteer took a picture from the roof of a house next door, and after having all the facts and evidence, we demanded that these people give us Rocko immediately. Fortunately we were able to rescue him.
Rocko spent 2 months in a clinic, sometimes it seemed that he was getting better but  we were very worried about his mental stability, he was terrified, anxious and depressed, he was at times biting his own tale and crying so much. 
Lots of love and attention from many volunteers involved in this case made all the difference,  Rocko was gaining weight and confidence, soon he became such an incredible dog, full of energy and joy.
Finally he made the transition from Tijuana to one of the volunteer’s home in San Diego, this was an amazing experience for Rocko, walking on grass for the first time in his life, going to the doggie park, having a big space to run and play,  the transformation in his life was a miracle. 
Now our dear Rocko has a forever home with a wonderful family in San Diego, he has now 2 siblings, and is as happy as he can be.  
Rocko was adopted and this is a letter from the family who adopted him:
He is a very happy and playful addition to our family. He bounces all over the house and yard entertaining everyone! As you had told us, he loves the park. We have another rescue dog who is very shy and timid. But, Rocko has really brought her out of her shell. That was what we hoped would happen. We are pretty sure he is part goat, he climbs up onto everything. He has climbed over our 6ft fence and into the front yard, and then he climbed back over back into the yard. So, we are making our fence higher.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June & July Itchy Scratchy Clinics

On June 12, 2012. HSTJ held an Itchy Scratchy clinic at the Colonia Villas del Sol. Hstj made a huge effort to reach everyone in this community. They were informed of HSTJ´s program of Itchy Scratchy Clinics and Spay Neuter Clinics. The response in this location was GREAT. In total HSTJ treated 115 dogs and 7 cats for mange, parasites and fleas. A donation of both wet and dry dog or cat food was made to every person who brought their pets for treatment on this day. They were also invited to our next Sterilization clinic in their area. Follow up visits were scheduled for those pets who were treated for severe cases of mange. As you can see in these pictures, there were several severe cases, and they are receiving follow up treatments.

On July 3, 2012. HSTJ held an Itchy Scratchy clinic at the Colonia Buenos Aires Sur. HSTJ´s program of Itchy Scratchy Clinics and Spay Neuter Clinics is well accepted by neighbors in this Colonia or community. The response in this location was GREAT. In total HSTJ treated 102 dogs and 5 cats for mange, parasites and fleas. A donation of dog or cat food was made to every person who brought their pets for treatment on this day. They were also invited to our up coming Sterilization clinic in their area. Follow up visits were scheduled for those pets who were treated for severe cases.. As you can see in these pictures, there was one special case of a pitt who had a strange disease on her face. She was taken to a volunteer vet and is now receiving treatment.

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