Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HSTJ's June 3, 2012 Spay & Neuter Clinic

On Sunday June 3, 2012, volunteers from San Diego joined the dedicated volunteers in Tijuana and conducted a successful spay & neuter clinic  fixing a total of 57 animals! It was a long day but so very worth it, knowing that that the lives of 57 animals have been improved, they can be happier and healthier and not contribute to the already overcrowded animal population.

You can view all of the photos from the June 2nd clinic on our flickr page here:

Another Amazing Rescue - This is Corrie’s story.

A woman was visiting her mother-in-law. She could hear a constant whimpering sound in the distance. She decided to investigate and found a tiny fluffy puppy among the debris in an empty lot. She appeared to be the last of the litter. The woman made several attempts to find the pup’s mom, but to no avail. When night was falling, she was getting ready to leave. She decided to check one last time and if the puppy was still alone, she would take her. With a flashlight in hand she went into the darkness. Sure enough, she emerged with the beautiful black puppy. Not knowing what to do with it, she brought into HSTJ volunteer Lisette’s home, who happily took her in. Corita was immediately loved by the other dogs that Lisette had at the time. As Corrie grew, she was very close to a gentle giant, Daisy. A 13 year old Boxer-Terrier mix.
They were like mother and daughter. Sadly Daisy passed, leaving Corrie alone, with lots of love to give.
Sometime after that, Lisette and family went on vacation. And returned not knowing Corrie had become pregnant during that time. Corrie had 9 puppies, some of which have already been adopted out. She was then fixed, received all her shots and completed HSTJ’s adoption protocol. Corrie is super friendly with other dogs. She is very affectionate. Does excellent with senior citizens and very small children, as well as adults and children of all ages. She is very sociable. Loves getting hugs and attention. She loves cats, and is very gentle with them. She is not a barker. She is so patient, she is willing to share her food bowl with anyone. Corrie does well with puppies and older dogs, loves going for walks, playing outdoors, or just riding in the car. She is an all around good dog who has never had any behavioral problem. She will make an outstanding companion for your family. Corrie will be happy as an only dog or as an addition to a family with other dogs.
With such beautiful qualities, Corrie was soon adopted. A family flew down from Oregon to San Diego and fell in love with her. After quite a drive, Corrie was at her new home. She has become part of a wonderful family and volunteers at the local library’s “Kids Read to Dogs” program.

HSTJ Participates in Political Rally in Tijuana

On Sunday, May 13, 2012 HSTJ was invited to a political rally where one of the Candidates for Senator heard proposals to reform animal welfare laws. Besides HSTJ, many other animal advocacy groups were present. First and foremost on the agenda was the petition for outlawing animal electrocutions at the dog pounds as a means of euthanasia. 

HSTJ provided spay/neuter information to all who were present, as well as provided de-worming medication and flea and tick medicine to those who bought their pets. With the support of a local vet, free rabies vaccines were also offered to those supporting the Candidate’s party.