Friday, March 16, 2012


The Humane Society de Tijuana is taking a lead and participating in activities to convince the Tijuana City Council and Commision on Legislation for Youth and Sports that minors be prohibited from attending and/or working at bull fights in the city. A well attended and productive meeting took place at the Municipal Palace in Tijuana on 11 Feb 2012 where the president of HSTJ, Mrs. Leticia Coto, presented the Humane Society's opposition to this cruel blood sport which also included a survey of young people who were overwhelmingly opposed to it.

[An article from the Frontera, a local TJ newspaper is attached]

More information about this movement is available in Spanish through this link to El Financiero:

Mrs. Coto noted that the Fiesta Brava [Bull Fight] is becoming less popular among the people, especially the young, due to better education which has made them more aware of the cruelty of bull fighting. The Humane Society de Tijuana has been active on the local, state and national level and will continue with this effort as well as the prohibition of electrocution as a legal means of euthanasia at the local dog pound.

Unfortunately, bull fights are currently exempt from provisions in the local and state laws which address animal cruelty. Electrocution as a means of euthanasia at dog pounds still remains a legal alternative to humane drugs in the state of Baja California. HSTJ has been extremely active during the past 24 months working with politicians and other groups to reform animal welfare legislation.

HSTJ conducts regular low cost [free to those without resources] spay and neuter clinics for residents and animal rescuers who live in Tijuana. Neighborhood street clinics are offered twice a month by HSTJ and treat animals for parasites,mange and malnutrition. HSTJ runs mobile clinics and community centered clinics throughout the city of Tijuana.

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