Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tyson's Amazing Story of Rescue

A local resident in Tijuana tells her story of finding Tyson and HSTJ thanks her so much for rescuing this dog desperate for assistance. Thank you for opening up your heart and home to him.

This is not an easy story to read, however it is a true one and unfortunately there are cruel and uneducated people in this world.

Unfortunatey these stories of abuse and neglect are all too common, but we cannot get discouraged by these horrible stories, and know that we are helping one dog at a time, you may not change the world by helping one dog, but you will change the world for that one dog.


One day when I was walking home with my children, we came across a a bleeding dog tied up with a wire outside of an apartment building out in the full sun and without food and water. I asked the "owners" about the dog and they said they fed him and had him tied up as punishment because he was aggressive with other dogs, I noticed there were some small breed dogs near by that were in very good condition.

Upon closer examination, I realized the poor dog had many open wounds on his legs and chest, the owner told me he had tied the dog to the back of his truk for excercise, but the dog was so weak that he could not keep up and was dragged down the street! It absolutely broke my heart and I was so angry. I begged the owners to please let me take him. Thankfully they let me. I untied him and slowly we coaxed him home. He was full of ticks, completely emaciated, one ear was badly damaged and both eyes were infected. he was limping terribly from a leg injury and it was later discovered that he had an inflamed liver from having a stroke and improper feeding.

I made a request on FaceBook and received a response from the Humane Society de Tijuana who provided me with veterinarian sevices and special food. 

It has been seveal months since we rescued him. Tyson has put on a lot of weight and his wounds are healing nicely. As soon as he makes a full recovery, we will bring him to HSTJ's next sterilization clinic. Tyson is the sweetest, most gentle dog. He loves to be around my children and we love him so much. He has been through a lot of pain and fear in his short life and we hope that he now feels safe and loved with us. Thank you HSTJ for providing assistance with our rescue.

An Update on Tyson

We saw Tyson at our May 22nd clinic where his family brought him to be nuetered and he is just looking amazing!

Photogrpaher Monica Hoover took this fabulous photo of him and his beautiful and kind family and wrote a great blog entry on her site Rescued Cards Check it out!
These tales of Rescue make our jobs as volunteers that much more meaningful!