Thursday, March 31, 2011

HSTJ's March Street Clinics

During the month of March, HSTJ conducted four street clinics treating 183 animals for parasites, fleas and ticks!

Here are the stats:
March 19, 2011 - Colonia Yohoaca
Dogs: 22
Cats: 4

March 20, 2011 - Colonia Las Huertas
Dogs: 53

March 26, 2011 - Colonia Lomas del Porvenir
Dogs: 65
Cats: 3

March 27, 2011 - Colonia El Soler
Dogs: 35

For pictures from the Itchy Scratchy clinics, visit:

HSTJ's March 13, 2011 Sterilization Clinic in Playas

On March 13, 2011, HSTJ voolunteers conducted a sterilization clinic in Playas at the Universidad Iboamericana fixing a total of 33 animals! Welcome new volunteer Valerie!

Here is the break down:

26 dogs: 12 females 14 males

7 cats: 3 females 4 males

Thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters who made this clinic possible. To learn more about HSTJ, please visit the web site
To view all of the pictures from the clinic visit

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Are They Now? A Hoarding Case Re-Visited, Part Two - The story of "Tijuana Tilly"

Exactly two years ago, HSTJ responded to a hoarding case, a man was found to be hoarding 157 dogs in two locations of Tijuana. (a link to the article is below). As a result of mass publicity and the help of rescue groups, 80% of these animals were adopted out. However, the conditions of the animals that remained were horrible. HSTJ arrived to conduct a street clinic on these remaining animals, but as volunteers started processing the animals and treating them, we slowly realized that we could not just leave them there, we had to do something. Within an hour, we had found a property where we could temporarily house the remaining dogs, a huge undertaking for an organization of such meager resources, but the volunteers were strong, resourcful and determined. I don't thinkwe realized how much work would have to be put into this project but in the end it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Read the full story here

I have decided to re-visit this story and follow up wth as many of the owners of the rescued hoarding dogs, so that their amazing stories can be shared and live on forever.


Where Are they Now, Part Two - Here is Tilly's heart-warming story  

This cute story from Tilly's perspective was written to me a week after I brought her across the border March 8, 2009:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for rescuing me. Not that Mexico isn't a beautiful country filled with wonderful people. It is just that I think that coming to America will open up a whole new world for me. The work that you do for fur people like me is just incredible. I will be for ever grateful to you for changing my life. My new "Peeps" are grateful as well I think. I keep hearing them talk about what a gem I am and that I couldn't be more perfect for the family. I am already "their girl"...they tell me that over and over....I can never hear it enough. I think I am special too and have a lot to offer. You probably are amazed at my command of the english language....2 words....Rosetta Stone. I always felt I was destined for a life in a foreign country so I think I spent my time wisely. Less butt sniffing...more studying that has been my motto.

So my first night in the US. So exciting. I had the most amazing ride to my new home. I must say that i took in all of the sights while sitting quietly on my new Peeps lap. We got home and I do mean felt like I belonged there all my life. I had a great dinner and probably drank a little more than I should ( whew...lucky no hangover this morning). Next it was Spa time. What a sensation...a warm bath....towel dried and then a blow dry and a comb out. What a looker I am. Next it was off to bed. My peeps put me under the covers and there I stayed until it was too hot...Ay chillala and I thought it was hot in ole Mexico. I settled in to my own bed around midnight and I don't think I moved all night. Big day I had as you well know. I bet you might have done the same thing when you got home.

Well today was a new day for me. We got up and took this incredible walk in Kit Carson Park. What a place, you can't believe the foliage...some much to pee on so much to sniff. I was great on the leash. I am pretty sure I have much more energy than my new Peeps and for sure my little bro Petey. So we all walked together for an hour and then I got to have another 30 min run...well run for me...a Plod for my Peep Becky. She isn't quite able to keep up my pace. I will work on her and have her in to shape in no time at all.

We are back from the park...had a little brunch...laid out on the patio and bagged some rays. I hear that we are off to Petsmart for a few items that I will need. I know that this is just the begining of many new adventures. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Michelle, you are my guardian angel, You have changed my life and I know the life of my Peeps forever.

With love and gratitude
Tijuana Tilley
aka Tilly, The Tills, Love Bug

Tilly Update, written February 24, 2011

Dear Michelle.

Well I have been here in these great United States just about 2 years now. What a 2 years it has been. I have had the opportunity to travel to some pretty neat places. I must say the Eastern Sierras have to rate up there as a favorite. Not only are there beautiful mountains,running streams with the coldest water ever, I get to spend time with 10-12 of my favorite fur people. We area sight on the trail. All of running ahead of our peeps, chasing squirrels and generally just enjoying the freedom of no leashes, no cars and lots of space to run. 

I loved my trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons (although they really discriminate against those of us who have four feet). In spite of all their rules we had a memorable trip with lots of new smells and some of the craziest looking creatures I have ever seen.

I love the mountains but I now have a great appreciation for the ocean as well. We are a boating family now. I love to spend a few days each week at the bay lounging on the boat. Nothing like the wind blowing through your blond locks out on the open seas. My favorite place to hang when we are not out on the water is the dock. I am the official Dock 3 Dock Dog. One day I will catch one of those pesky seagulls. It is hard to catch a nap with them squawking all day.
I don't want you to think that it is all just fun and games however. I spend a lot of time coming up with new ways to show my peeps my love and gratitude. I have learned to come when I hear my peeps holler for me. I even sit at their feet so they can pat my head. These humans have this crazy tradition called a kiss...something I knew nothing of. Seems crazy to me but they actually love it when I lick them on the face....they always tell me"oh Tilly... good kiss". Apparently they are not witness to all of my personal hygiene habits.

I have put on a few lbs since my arrival in the US. I get a lot of exercise but I do love to eat and the food here is quite good. I get my fair share of treats because apparently I do some pretty adorable things. I love my life and I am so grateful for my friends at FHSTJ.

With Love and Gratitude

"Tijuana Tilly" (Tilly for short)

The Amazing Rescue of Barbas and The Dangers of TVT

A few months ago one of HSTJ's volunteers received a call from a friend who told her that the night before he witnessed a truck that appeared to have run over a dog. He thought the dog was dead but the next day, he saw that the dog had been dragged to the side of the road and as he approached the dog, he said the dog was alive but his back legs appeared to be paralyzed! He took the dog immediately to the vet whose prognosis was that that the dog would likely not walk again.

Regardless of this bleak fate, he decided to take the dog home to recover and named him Barbas. With a special diet and medication, a few months later, Barbas amazingly began walking again! He was not theemost graceful runner but he appeared to be out of danger! A few weeks ago Barbas began to bleed from his penis and the diagnosis was that the dog has TVT (Transmissable Veneral Tumor) and will require at least 4 chemotherapies to solve the problem.  Chemotherapy treatments in Tijuana can cost up to $65 a session. I fyou are interested in spnosoring Barbas for his treatment, please Make a Donation.

There are many infectious diseases that we encounter down in Tijuana that are rather uncommon in the United States. For each disease the reasons vary as to why the prevalence is higher in a third world country, such as lack of vaccination, a lifestyle of living primarily outside, frequent contact with hundreds of other dogs, etc.

One such disease is Transmissible Venereal Tumor, or TVT. This ailment is most unusual because it is not caused by either a virus or a bacteria. TVT is caused by infectious tumor cells that become explanted either due to licking or mating. It is a mysterious disease because no one knows for sure from where these tumor cells originally came. They have a completely different number of chromosomes than a dog’s normal cells, and for that reason their origin remains a mystery.

Like any venereal disease, TVT most often begins when a dog mates with an infected partner. The tumors will grow very slowly over a matter of months, and usually the first sign of the disease is bleeding from the genitalia, although the tumors will sometimes begin in the mouth and nasal cavity as well. The tumors will continue to grow until they protrude from the orifices and spread to other areas of the body. The animals tend to be very painful at the sites of tumor growth, and the tumors will often bleed excessively.

Fortunately, the tumors are treatable with chemotherapy. They are one of the few cancers in dogs that are 100% curable, and the vets that work with HSTJ have treated several cases of TVT now. However, the best way to prevent the disease in the first place is to spay and neuter the dogs. HSTJ/FHSTJ has undertaken this large task not only to prevent the overpopulation of unwanted street animals in Tijuana, but also to improve the animals’ overall health. TVT, along with a few other diseases, can be prevented from spreading by spaying and neutering the dogs.

Barba's Before and After Photos -  Please consider sponsoring Barba so he can receive the proper treatment for his TVT, please Make a Donation if you are able.