Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where Are They Now? A Hoarding Case, Revisited - Part One, The Story of Jake

Exactly two years ago, HSTJ responded to a hoarding case, a man was found to be hoarding 157 dogs in two locations of Tijuana. (a link to the article is below). As a result of mass publicity and the help of rescue groups, 80% of these animals were adopted out. However, the conditions of the animals that remained were horrible. HSTJ arrived to conduct a street clinic on these remaining animals, but as volunteers started processing the animals and treating them, we slowly realized that we could not just leave them there, we had to do something. Within an hour, we had found a property where we could temporarily house the remaining dogs, a huge undertaking for an organization of such meager resources, but the volunteers were strong, resourcful and determined. I don't thinkwe realized how much work would have to be put into this project but in the end it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Read the full story here

I have decided to re-visit this story and follow up wth as many of the owners of the rescued hoarding dogs, so that their amazing stories can be shared and live on forever.

Where Are they Now, Part One - Here is Jake's heart-warming story  

I don't know what I would have done without my rescue dog

About a year and a half ago, after a relationship break up, I decided I wanted to get a dog. I always wanted a Jack Russell. So, I checked the Craigslist Pets section. Amazing, miraculous timing. There, just a few ads down from the top, was my Jake. The "Friends of Humane Soceity Tijuana" had rescued and saved some dogs from a horrific hoarding, some 157 dogs. I believe they rescued 30 of them, and Jake was one of them. I loved his picture, and wrote/called immediately. Jake was under the care of a Foster home. The young woman and her boyfriend brought Jake to my place, so I could meet him, and he meet me. They also wanted to make sure that he was getting a good home. I loved him immediately. I don't know if he loved me right away, but he did love the Pup-a-roni treats I had gotten for him.

I had to go to their adoption event that Saturday, in order to apply, and adopt Jake. I went, filled out the paperwork, and took my new best friend home. He had been in a horrible situation. I know he could have not been the largest, most aggressive dog at the hoarding house. I am sure he had to fight for food, water, a place to sleep, and fight for his life. He also still has, to this day, a chain mark around his right hind leg. Nice hoarders, huh? As a result of this part of his life, he is easily frightened, is very wary of people, does not like other dogs, and took about a month at my place to not look depressed. He was so depressed, that I actually thought it was not going to work out.

Well, it seems like the very next day after thinking that, Jake snapped out of it. He was prancing around, started to eat more, and have a personality. I work from home, so he is always with me. Where ever I go, he goes with me. If I go out to eat, I only go to restaurants with a pet friendly patio. He is, without a doubt, my very best friend. I thank the Friends of Humane Soceity Tijuana, for saving Jake, and for placing the ad for him, at the right time for me to see it.

People always say how nice it was for me to rescue Jake. That might be true, but how I think of it, is that Jake rescued me right back.

Adopt a rescue dog!!!! They know they have it better than before, and they will love you for it. Here is the web site for Friends of Humane Soceity Tijuana. Tell Michelle WE sent you.

Brian and Jake

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Amazing Story of Rescue to a Happy Home

Nearly swept away by the rain, starving and suffering from a prolapsed uterus, here is Guera's amazing story of rescue and rehabilitation.
Lisette, a dedicated HSTJ volunteer and animal rescuer tells Guera's story of rescue:

May, 2010 - I first saw her on my street about two months ago. I thought it was a male with it's testicles bleeding. Her hind fur was always moist and bloody. I started feeding her, as she seemed to be staying permanently at an abandoned house on my block.

Well, one day it was raining hard. My street turns into a canal for this Colonia's run-off with a great current.
As always, at about 6 am, I was outside. And by now, Guera knew her feeding schedule by heart, so she was already waiting on the other side of the street. She was so insistent on crossing that stream to get to the food, I guess she was very very hungry. I did not know what to do when I saw her pacing up and down for about 15 minutes. As soon as the current started to decrease, she started crossing little by little. But then it seemed that the debris was knocking her down, and the current started dragging her torwards the main canal. I got in as far as I could and managed to get her safely on my side.

 I tied her up, and then made her a makeshift covering, dried off her fur and gave her a warm blanket. She finally got her much desired breakfast.

Guera turned out to be a female and what I thought were inflamed testicles, was in fact her prolapsed uterus. I took some pictures she was still on the street. Obviously some one threw her out when this condition started. As soon as Dr. Veronika heard, we took Guera to get fixed. The surgey was challenging, since the uterus had been out for a long time, there was much inflamation, making it hard for it to stay inside. In the end, it was a successful surgery. Much thanks to Dr. Veronika. You will also see pics of before and after the actual surgery.
Guera was all skin and bones, but since has gained a lot of weight. Her fur that was once caked with mud and dry blood, had to be shaved off. But is now coming in nicely.

Guera was fostered in Tijuana while she recovered and became healthy again. She was adopted February 13, 2011 from the Canines & Cupids adoption event held at Petco in Sports Arena to a most wonderful couple and their daughter. Guera has been re-named Tonga and she has truly been given a second chance!

Here is a little bit from her new family:

Thank you to the Friends of HSTJ for saving Tonga 'aka' Guera (Blondie!). We are SO thankful to have found you at the PetCo adoption event. Despite a rough start in life, this dog is the sweetest, most lovable creature ever. If not for the caring hearts of animal lovers in Tijuana who rescued her, and excellent medical care at HSTJ, Tonga may not have made it.

Thankfully she now is enjoying daily walks, park time, toys, good food, doggie treats, warm beds, and new kitty friends (that we are starting to warm up to.)

I encourage everyone who reads this to support Friends of HSTJ and get the word out via social networking of the great work they are doing. I have worked with non-profits, and I know how challenging it can be right now in this economic climate. The Rescue 400 Club is only $5 a month, and will provide much needed medical/healthcare to dogs in need. That's basically a coffee at Starbucks..once a month!

I have joined today, and I hope others will consider it as well. If not for the donations of other kind people before me, our sweet Tonga may not be here today. I know there are many other animals in need, just like her. Thank you..thank you...I empathetically thank you. Tonga gives a solid 'wag' and big wet kiss to all the great volunteers!
To help HSTJ help dogs just like Tonga and end the needless suffering of street animals, please Join the Rescue 400 club by pledging just $5 a month and support HSTJ's spay and nueter clinics.

HSTJ's February 19, 2011 Sterilization Clinic

HSTJ's first formal spay and neuter clinic for 2011 was held on Sunday, February 19th at the Universidad Iboamericana in Playas de Tijuana. 38 animals were fixed, 10 cats and 28 dogs, plus we had a very special case, a pit bull mix had an eye condition in which its eyelashes were growing inward rather than outward, and Dr. Veronika was able to perform the surgery to correct the problem.

Monica Hoover, a San Diego photographer volunteered at this clinic taking some really great pictures. Thank you Monica!

Vicky Bravo and fellow volunteers brought 17 of the dogs to be fixed from the hoarding case they responded to at the Hotel Indigo a couple of months ago. HSTJ has been providing Vicky Bravo and her team with food, some medicines and of course providing free spay and nueter services to their rescues. We would like to commend Vicky Bravo and her team for a job well done.

Here is the break down of the clinic numbers:
10 cats, 4 females and 6 males
28 dogs, 11 females and 17 males

To view all of the pictures from the February 19th clinic visit

Please help support and continue HSTJ monthly spay and neuter clinics by pledging just $5 a month. Join the Rescue 400 club today and help end the sufferring of so many animals romaing the streets every day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HSTJ Assists Nuns at Tijuana Convent With Their Rescues

HSTJ was contacted in September 2010 by a nun at the Eudist Servant's Convent in Tijuana about several dogs and cats they had rescued from the streets of their local neighborhood.  HSTJ has been assisiting these nuns ever since providing an  ample supply of dog food, cat food, kitten food, kitty litter and ampoules of Advantage and Revolution along with other miscellaneous items. This coming weekend HSTJ will conduct a mioni Itchy Scratchy Clinic at the convent to treat their rescues and the neighboring street animals.

Among the rescues, the nun at the Eudist Servant's Convent in Tijuana has been fostering 3 adorable, healthy and very loving kitties and has asked for our help in promoting them to hopefully finsd them their forever home here in the states. Here are pictures and information on each kitties as given to us by their rescuer:

"TJ & Peni: brother & sister. They showed up on our street few months ago. My guess is that they were dropped off because someone knew of my aiding animals. They were obviously use to people & seemed bewildered as to why they were on the street. They were maybe 5 months old at the time."

This is TJ (male 8months old)  ADOPTED!

This is Peni (female, 8 months old) ADOPTED!

"Jude: We found him huddling on top of the fence in our yard in October, in the pouring rain. We still can't figure out how he got there as it was pretty high up & he was very little -- maybe 2 months old. It doesn't appear that he will grow into a very big cat, he seems small for his age even now."

Jude (Male, 5 months old)

For more information or to arrange a visit with the animal in San Diego, please call Richard at (619) 922-3394 and leave a message if you get voice mail. He will call you ASAP.