Monday, January 31, 2011

HSTJ's January 2011 Itchy Scratchy Clinics

Three IS clinics were conducted during the month of January treating a total of 339 dogs and 43 cats, here are the stats:

Saturday, January 8th at Colonia Libertad, 33 dogs and 9 cats

Saturday, January 22nd at Colonia Parte Alta, 162 dogs and 13 cats

Saturday, January 29th, at Ruben Amaya Canyon, 144 dogs and 21 cats...

The January 8th I.S. Clinic was held in Colonia Libertad, treating 33 dogs and 9 cats. One interesting thing we found there was a large amount of cases, both dogs and cats, with ear mite infestations. Most pet owners had never even heard of ear mites, so they were briefed on what this condition is and its symptoms and pets were successfully treated. A vet visit was strongly recommended for follow up treatment.

One special case was that of Cachito, a small Chihuahua, approximately 5 years old, who was rescued from the streets of TJ by a young couple. As is visible in the pictures, his lower jaw is broken just between his two front teeth. This makes it difficult for him to eat. No one knows what caused Cachito to be like this, or for how long he roamed the streets before being rescued, but besides being on a soft diet, he is happy to be off the streets and in a loving home.

At the January 29th, at Ruben Amaya Canyon, we had several special cases, but one particular case stands out. A small brown pup that was run over and had a large wound on the top of its head. The entire family had pitched in and taken him to visit the vet. Now the wound appears to be healing nicely. Since this family could not afford a follow up visit, we provided them with ointment to help protect the area from an infection. Another case was that of a small size maltese mix, who seemed to have trouble/pain walking. Upon inspection I noticed that his nails had grown so long that they actually curled around and around like a pig's tail. Walking with this condition was causing him much pain, but had gone unnoticed by the owners because his hair was so long! We showed the family what the problem was and clipped his nails for the family and the dog was much more comfortable. At this clinic we found that 2 out of 10 dogs had mange... and the owners try all sorts of home remedies to get rid of it, but nothing seems to work. Some pet owners received special shampoos to aid in treatment. All received plenty of vitamins, and a full supply of dog/cat food. All in all, many of the dogs and cats we saw were pretty well taken care of. Those that required treatment were either helped at our clinic or referred to a nearby Vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Volunteers attending were 6.
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