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HSTJ's October Clinics - 2011

HSTJ Conducted TEN Itchy Scratchy clinics during the month of October treating a total of 732 dogs and 34 cats! In addition to the Street clinics, our regular spay clinic was on the 30th of October, held at a public building in the Colonia Cumbres and totals as follows:

Male dogs 2
Female dogs 10
Male cats 1
Female cats 8
Total 21

Also in October, HSTJ's sponsored spays/neuters were done at several local vet offices for rescued animals being cared for by a TJ rescue group. The total is as follows:

Female dogs 14
Male dogs 5
Female Cats 6
Male Cats 1
Total 26

That brings our total spay and neuters for the month of October to 47! Our grand total of sterilizations for the calendar year of 2011 is 462 animals!!

Here are two reports from the ten street clinics. To view all of the pictures from our clinics visit:
To support our monthly clinics, please consider becoming a sponsor by pledging just $5 a month: http://friendsofhstj.org/BecomeaSponsor.html
This is the report of the Itchy-Scratchy clinic, held on October 1 on the property of a dog hoarding elderly man, nick-named Don Juanito.

We have been supporting a rescue group who has taken charge of this place. That is no easy matter, besides vaccinations, vet visits, supplying food and fresh water (there is no running water on that property), there is also the matter of spay/neutering all the dogs and arranging for the adoption process for all those who are candidates..

This is in fact a never ending story, because of the constant flow of dogs. People are still leaving animals at his doorstep. Most of them are in very bad shape or sick.

For example the night before this I.S. clinic, a pregnant dog was left outside the door of this place. At the time of the IS clinic she began to give birth. Thankfully this kind elderly man is receiving more than enough help from various groups, including HSTJ.

The October 10 I.S. clinic was held in Sub-Delegacion Lomas del Porvenir. It was a very long day. Three volunteers treated 127 dogs and 3 cats. Treatment includes: flea, tick and worm medication; ear and teeth cleaning; vitamins, nail clipping and a big bag of dog food. Thanks to all the donations, on this day we also had each pet owner choose a gift. A leash/collar, a chew toy or one article of pet clothing. They were very grateful. Thanks to all whose valuable donations make clinics like this possible.

In one special case, a seven month old chihuahua showed advanced signs of mange, and was given special care. Needless to say, a follow up visit was scheduled.

Also, 11 dogs were reffered to nearby HSTJ volunteer vets for proper diagnosis and treatment. They showed symptoms of different diseases and some appeared very sick. Just a few examples were: advanced signs of Parvo, ear infections, chronic diarrea and excessively advanced tooth decay.

Pets must be in good health before being brought to our monthly Spay/Neuter Clinics, which is why we hold the Street Clinics in the area first. There owners are educated on proper animal care and assistance is provided when necessary.

Annual Report, Letter from the President - Kick Off Fundraiser Announced!

As I reflect on the activites of the past year, I am truly surprised by what we have accomplished. It has exceeded our goals and has put the Humane Society de Tijuana on a path of becoming the leader for reform of local animal welfare regulations, including the administration of the city dog pound. With the support of Friends of HSTJ, all program goals for street clinics, community center spay/neuter clinics, and rescue support were exceeded. In addition, two new programs were initiated 1) HSTJ sponsored low cost spay/neuter services through private veterinarians and 2) Active political action with interface in the city, state and federal government.

Through the generosity and continued support of Mrs. Olive Walker from Los Angeles, CA., we were able to initiate these new programs without taking resources from our already established clinics.
"During the past fiscal year, HSTJ’s programs performed 531 low cost and free spay/neuter surgeries; provided free services for 4,685 pets of the poor and street animals, treating them for parasites, mange and malnutrition”

To give you an idea of the number of animals served, please note the following excerpt which was part of the FHSTJ 501(c ) 3 Federal Income Tax Return for the fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, 2011:

" During the past year, FHSTJ provided 85% of the financial support for the Humane Society de Tijuana's programs that performed 531 low cost and free spay/neuter surgeries; provided free services for 4,685 pets of the poor and street animals, treating them for parasites, mange and malnutrition; supported individual rescuers having a collective daily census of 240 animals with free food, basic medication and sterilization surgeries; facilitated 40 pet adoptions in Mexico; placed 11 hardcore rescues in permanent home in the San Diego area; and sponsored a Baja California statewide conference to reform dog pound conditions. This was accomplished with a corps of 50 volunteers who supplement the corps of 30 Mexican volunteers."

Most Friends receive the monthly email reports which give the details of each program and event; however, I want to remind you again that you can review these reports with photos and other data by going to the web site www.friendsofhstj.org and clicking on the blog button. Each month of each year has a report so that you can see how your donations are being used.
“The State of Baja California is now providing humane euthanasia drugs to local dog pounds in response to a federal push to eliminate electrocution.”

If you have been following the progress during the past year, you have seen that we have not only conducted animal rescues and clinics but have been very successful in bringing about some reform to the city animal welfare regulations. These new regulations set requirements for pet owners, the public in general and the city's administration of the dog pound. We presented our data and reports to the federal department of health in Mexico City. We were well received. The city of Tijuana and the State of Baja California (the “State”) were informed of various infractions and told to comply with federal regulation. HSTJ was also given contacts in the State with whom HSTJ can work to report and resolve problems related to animal welfare in the Tijuana area. The State is now providing humane drugs to local dog pounds to be used for euthanasia in response to a federal move to abandon electrocution.

“During the past fiscal year 100,000 pounds of food was distributed.”

Another large expansion of services was HSTJ's support of individual rescuers and small rescue groups. They are being supplied with pet food, basic medications and spay/neuter surgery. HSTJ is currently supporting several rescuers with a combined average daily census of 240 animals. During the past fiscal year 100,000 pounds of food was distributed. Fortunately and thanks to our faithful supporters, all of our food is donated at present. However, the cost to pick up this quantity of food, move it to Mexico and distribute it to the rescuers is costly. Gasoline and truck maintenance alone is a major expense not to mention the cost of a storage unit. HSTJ urgently needs more support for its food distribution program in order to keep up with this large food distribution program.
“we need to have a permanent treatment facility-a facility for spays/neuters and treatments for the animals of the local rescuers that we are supporting.”

We are convinced that our philosophy of operating decentralized programs in place of having a shelter is the reason for our success. Our clinics are MASH style set ups, even our surgery clinics. While it is labor intensive, it is not as costly and difficult as running a shelter in Mexico where we would be under the auspices of the very authorities that have yet to reform animal welfare on their own. It also allows us to reach more animals with our limited resource. That being said, we indeed plan to continue these decentralized programs; however, now that we are supporting so many individual rescuers, we need to have a permanent treatment facility-a facility for spays/neuters and treatments for the animals of the local rescuers that we are supporting. This will be a big outlay and we ask our donors to consider a donation to help us realize this facility. Again, we do not plan to have a shelter. We want to be able to help rescuers ready their animals for adoption. We believe that spay/neuter and medical treatment of rescued animals is the key to adoption and prevention of over population of animals. We do not want a static refuge but rather a dynamic facility that will facilitate spay/neuter, adoptions, education, and collaboration among rescuers.
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Remember, both HSTJ and FHSTJ are all volunteer organizations. No board member or officer receives any monetary or other type of compensation except for the satisfaction in knowing that you have saved an animal.

As a FRIEND of HSTJ, I want to thank you for helping us to help the animals. As I mentioned before, please take time to review our blog reports on the web site and see how you, personally, have saved animals from a life of starvation, disease, pain and fear.

Richard Massa

President, FHSTJ and Delegado Directivo, HSTJ

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