Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HSTJ's August 22, 2010 Spay/Neuter Clinic Colonia Mariano Matamoros

HSTJ's August 22, 2010 Spay and Neuter clinic was held at the DIF center in the Colonia Mariano Matamoros.

27 animals were sterilized this day 11 cats and 16 dogs.

This clinic brings our spays and neuters to a total 62 for the month of August!

Overall a very successful clinic, our wonder dog Napolean came with his rescuer Dr. Veronika and hung out while she performed surgeries, he was so well behaved.

We had one special case, the white boxer mix with the very red eyes you see in the pictures, volunteer Nicole says "Our lady was not feeling well for a few reasons....she just had a litter of puppies a few months back and they did a number on her reproductive organs and could have caused issues down the road. Her eyes were very infected and had not been treated properly for months. At first it was thought that she had an eye infection, but after 2 vets looked at them closer, it was the consensus that she had entropion of the eye lids that was causing eye irritation when the eye lashes rub over the eye as she blinks. Dr. Veronika was able to surgically remove a small section of the under eye tissue to make the eye lashes point away from the eye and correct the irritation problem. Lady is healing wonderfully and she is an exceptional patient. Her Spay went perfectly and she is walking, eating, and drinking like normal."
Thanks Nicole for rescuing lady and thanks Dr. Veronika for fixing her eyes!

We saw many dogs infested with ticks, volunteers were picking ticks off of some dogs the entire time they were in recovery. We had several cups filled with alcohol that we would dump the ticks we pulled off. I wish I had gotten a picture of these cups, they looked like a science experiment showing so many different species of ticks, it was truly amazing. Hopefully those infested pups will feel some relief without all that baggage, we treated them with revolution as well to keep those pesky buggers off! These summer months are rough!

Welcome new volunteer Amy! Thanks for your mad tick picking skills!

To view all of the pictures from the clinic, please visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hstj/sets/72157624798652026/
To become a member of the Tescue 400 Club by pledging just $5 a month to help continue our clinics, please visit: http://friendsofhstj.org/BecomeaSponsor.html

Monday, August 30, 2010

HSTJ's August 2010 Itchy Scratchy Clinics - Dog Food Drive in Effect

Because of our faithful supporters and dedicated volunteers, HSTJ has been able to increase its Street Clinics during the summer months to bring relief to the animals suffering from tick and flea infestation.

During the month of August, HSTJ conducted 5 Itchy Scratchy Clinics treating a total of 490 animals!

Through donations received, mange and parasite medication has been replenished and sustained, however our dog food supply is extremely low and we must conduct a drive to replenish our supply. Please contact michelle@friendsofhstj.org to make a donation of food.

Here are the details of each clinic:

Date: August 7
Place: COL. Nueva Aurora
235 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
211 dogs 24 cats

Date: August 14
Place: COL. Vista Del Valle
55 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
48 dogs 7 cats

Date: August 15
Place: Mariano Matamoros/Florido
42 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
40 dogs 2 cats

DATE: August 17
Place: Colonia Buenos Aires/Florido
93 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
85 Dogs 8 Cats

Date: August 21
Place: COL. El Nino
57 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
46 dogs 11 cats

Date: August 28
Place: COL. Maclovia Rojas
101 Animals Dewormed and treated against ticks, fleas and mange.
87 dogs 14 cats

For pictures from all of the Itchy Scatchy Clinics http://www.flickr.com/photos/hstj/sets/72157624719199820/

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneaky.... Not His Behavior, That's His Name!

Here is a heartwarming tale of Rescue, when one of HSTJ's volunteers Michelle E. was drawn to a street dog being cared for at one of our clinics. The street dog, now named Sneaky is truly lucky to have found Michelle, here is their story:

"I first saw Sneaky when he was tied to the fence at the children's center in the poor Colonia Nueva Aurora in Tijuana, Mexico."

"I noticed that in addition to being filty, mangey and hungry, he also had a lacerated foot. After he was neutered at the clinic, Dr. Sarah stitched up his foot. She was awesome."

"Sneaky was let out of his recovery crate and went back to the streets where he struggled to get through each day and night. When we left the children's center I drove to the end of the street to turn around and there he was, laying in the dirt. Luann and I looked at each other and I knew we couldn't just leave him there. With help from the kids we were able to catch him, we loaded him into my bus and took him across the border. Sneaky went from a skinny, terrified dog with a skin condition and lots of issues to this very sweet, beautiful boy. He did not like being crated or staying in the house. He managed to escape but came back a few days later."

"He loves everyone and everything. He is very food oriented. He will share his food with his friends. It took him a long time before he would totally trust people. Now he goes up to anyone."

"Sneaky's best friend is Jackson, an old great dane who's owner had taken to a park and was left tied to a tree. Jackson couldn't even stand. We adopted Jackson last August. Sneaky loved him from the moment he saw him. He washes his ears and face, and brings him food."
"He found a tiny hummingbird while on a walk with his daddy. He had to see his little friend all of the time during the three days we had the bird before wildlife rehab took it. Sneaky loves the beach, riding in the car, and helping daddy drive SNAP's Neuter Scooter where I also volunteer."

"One habit Sneaky has that is unusual is that he digs for bugs. I believe he did this when he lived on the streets in Mexico in order to survive.  Sneaky is very protective of his family and is just such a sweet dog. It turns out he is a sharpei but he was in such sad shape when I rescued him. Because of dehydration he had no wrinkles and it was a bit of mystery as to what kind of dog he was. He weighs twice as much as he did when we first brought him home. He knows he has it good and he is very appreciative. He is grateful to have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and people to love him. We love him as if he were our child."

"I am grateful to all of the loving and caring team of Humane Society de Tijuana who dedicate themselves to helping each and every animal. Sneaky loves you all and owes his life to you."

And we are grateful to you Michelle for saving a life and bringing this lovely dog into your home. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to HSTJ and the animals of Tijuana!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Visit with Napolean in Solana Beach August 7, 2010

Napolean came for a visit to Solana Beach the weekend of August 7th. We brought him to the La Colonia County Park to run around and meet some of the people who helped to make his amazing recovery possible.  What a joy to see Napolean run like the wind in his new wheels.

Thank you Pet Photographer Jenn Petit who started the Blog Fuzzle a blog of San Diego Adoptable Pets.

Here are some pictures and short videos of his outing.

Napolean is still waiting for his forever home. If you are interested in getting more information on our Napolean, please contact Dr. Sarah at sarah@friendsofhstj.org


FOR PREVIOUS POSTS ON NAPOLEAN VISIT http://friendsofhumanesocietydetijuana.blogspot.com/2010/05/napoelan.html


Thursday, August 5, 2010

HSTJ'S August 1, 2010 Spay/Neuter Clinic in Colonia Mexico

HSTJ conducted a spay and neuter clinic on Sunday August 1st in the Centro Comunitario in the Colonia Mexico
35 animals were sterilized this day, here are the stats:


Welcome new volunteers Dr. Brian and Sally!

We had one very special case at this clinic, read what volunteer Alex wrote about the puppy whose life was saved this day.

"A lady from colonia los pinos, found this puppy in the streets, he was extremely dehydrated, she brought him to the clinic and asked our volunteers to help for the recovery of the sick puppy. She had gone to a vet in her neighborhood who said he would not survive. She travelled from the extreme opossite side of TJ to our clinic in hopes of helping her rescue.

Dr Antonio performed a catheter central in carotide area for extreme fast hydration, medicines were prescribed and purchaserd for the rescuer. As seen in the pictures, it is amazing how fast the puppy within 2 hours of death, now getting up on his feet and trying to walk. We asked the owner to give the medication like the vet prescibed and send to us pictures of the recovery of this lucky street guy found on a hot summer day.

Also insist on neutering him once he is healthier."

Thank you Dr. Antonio for bringing this sweet boy back to life!

To view all of the pictures from the August 1st clinic visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/hstj/sets/72157624747161492/