Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Becky Byrom and Nancy Shields Awarded Heroine to the Animals!

This past HSTJ yappy hour at the La Jolla Brewhouse on March 23rd was extra special for us because we were able to thank and present the Heroine to the Animals Award to Rebecca Byrom and Nancy Shields for their continued support and extreme generosity.

This year, they opened their home to us to be the location for our first annual Gala event to Benefit HSTJ. Rebecca and Nancy not only opened their home, but they put in countless hours of work into making it the success that is turned out to be!!

On Saturday February 13th, HSTJ was able to raise $5000 at this great event to help the animals of Tijuana and continue HSTJ programs of sterilization and humane treatment!

Our gratitude cannot be conveyed in words because fundraisers like these mean that we can treat and save more animals than we ever dreamed we could have reached before.

The money raised will do amazing things for the animals and go a very long way.
$2 can feed a large dog for a week
$12 buys enough dry kitten or puppy replacement milk to hand feed a small litter for a week.
$15 will pay for the materials and drugs to spay a cat or dog and save countless pups and kittens from being tossed into the streets where they will live in hunger, pain and fear.
$20 helps us treat and place the average rescue in a new home.
$30 will cure most cases of severe mange so a dog can be placed in a new home.
$50 is our average cost to treat and care for an extreme rescue
$800 is the cost of one clinic to sterilize 35 animals

For donation inquiries or if you would like to become a volunteer, please contact

HSTJ Volunteers Embarks On Education Program in Tecate Orphanage

One of our many goals at HSTJ is education and the importance of teaching people that kindness to animals bridges over to kindness to people and the community. One of our volunteers, Nicole, was recently contacted by an American that volunteers at an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico, who asked her if HSTJ would come and help her teach her students and the surrounding community about animal stewardship and kindness.

Usually, HSTJ would not be able to reach this far out of Tijuana to help, but we have teamed up with a wonderful educator and animal lover in Tijuana, Professor Adela, who has offered to help us reach these children! Thanks to your generous and outsatanding response to the donation drive of materials needed to really reach these young people and change the minds of the next generation of pet owners in Tecate, this visit was made a reality!


Being a small organization, HSTJ is reminded daily just how vital each volunteer and resource is to our cause. On March 31st we all headed down to our meeting place in Tijuana where we would leave for our trip to the Tecate Orphanage. As we all gathered and shared information about the team, we realized that we were going to be missing a few volunteers and that we would need to regroup.

After a bumpy start in the morning the HSTJ crew was determined to make it to Tecate to help this community and teach them about animal stewardship and inform the surrounding community about animal care and compassion. We caravanned there in 4 cars with about 11 volunteers so that we could perform a small sterilization clinic, an itchy scratchy clinic, and an education class for the 30 young boys that currently reside at the Rancho San Juan Bosco children's home. We were very nicely welcomed by Misael who is the director and Kelley who is the American English teacher who contacted us to help them educate these boys and the community surrounding the orphanage. We promptly set up our equipment and split our volunteers so that we could do all three tasks at the same time. It was a success.....we were able to spay/neuter 6 animals. The children loved the class that Professor Adela put together for them. They used lots of the wonderful items that were donated to create art while learning about animals and how to treat them. The professor even brought along a real puppy so that all of the kids could see as she demonstrated what she was trying to teach them and the importance of animal stewardship. We were also able to perform our itchy scratchy clinic where we evaluate the animals and treat them for worms, parasites, skin problems, and we even gave out lots of vitamins packs for each pet, approximately 35 animals were treated! The people were very receptive and the community members were eager to learn and have their children learn how best to take care of their animals.

Although HSTJ does not normally work outside of Tijuana, we felt this was a good project that we didn't want to turn away from. Tecate is much smaller than Tijuana and we are not aware of another group out there that does what we do. This project was such a success and we could not have done it without your generosity!!

View all of the photos here:

To volunteer with HSTJ, please contact

HSTJ's March 14, 2010 Sterilization Clinic at Colonia Castillo

On Sunday, March 14th, HSTJ held a Sterilization Clinic at the Colonia Castillo, fixing a total of 37 animals!
Here are the statistics:
26 dogs 19 females/7 males
11 cats 5 females/6 males

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who devoted their Sunday to help these animals in need. Welcome new volunteer Tannaz!
This clinic was unique in that we had several challenging cases brought to us by people without resources which our experienced veterinarians were able to handle.

First case was Nala, a white female poodle who had an absess the diameter of a quarter in her chest. Dr Gayle was able remove the absess and fix Nala up.
Pinta, a male Beagle mix was rescued from the streets, it appeared he may have been hit by a car as his front leg was severly fractured. Pinta also had a large growth externally in his abdomen area.  Dr. Sarah fixed Pinta and removed the growth. She also checked his fractured front leg and made recommendations to get X-rays and prescribed pain medication for both the front and back areas so that the pup would be more comfortable.
Blanca, a female white chihuahua mix was almost to full term in her pregnancy, but had Eclampsya, Dr. Antonio performed a C section saving her life!
Mono, a White/grey male cat had a left eye absess which was treated.
Dr. Pablo was able to fix a male chihuahua with an umbilical hernia and made him more comfortable.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Pablo worked with a great dane that was rescued from the streets emaciated. They treated a large abscess on his head expressed in order to releave some of the pressure and pain for him.  The volunteer who rescued him will foster him and get his weight up so that he can be fixed at the next clinic.

This clinic was a true testiment to the efforts made by our volunteer vets to relieve the suffering and pain for these street animals as much as possible! HSTJ is not a substitute for vet care but we do try to do our best with the resources that we have for the comfort of the animals in question.

It is because of the generosity of our supporters that HSTJ is able to continue its programs of sterilization and education in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana.
To view all of the photos click here:

Please help HSTJ help the animals of Tijuana!
please consider making a donation
or becoming a monthly sponsor
Sponosorship is integral to the continuation of HSTJ's programs. Sign up to become a sponsor for any amount and receive a FREE Animals Have No Nationality T-Shirt.
Here is what your donation can do:
$2 can feed a large dog for a week
$12 buys enough dry kitten or puppy replacement milk to hand feed a small litter for a week.

$15 will pay for the materials and drugs to spay a cat or dog and save countless pups and kittens from being tossed into the streets where they will live in hunger, pain and fear.
$20 helps us treat and place the average rescue in a new home.
$30 will cure most cases of severe mange so a dog can be placed in a new home.
$50 is our average cost to treat and care for an extreme rescue
$800 is the cost of one clinic to sterilize 35 animals

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HSTJ's March 2010 Itchy Scratchy Clinics

During the month of March, two itchy Scratchy Clinic were performed treating a total of 83 animals. Volunteers at the IS clinics provide de-wormer and mange medication to the animals in need as well as inspect the animals ears, skin and nails. This is followed by flea and tick medication. Each animal is sent home with a bag of free food.

On March 19th, HSTJ performed an Itchy Scratchy Street Clinic at the Universidad Iboamericanan in Playas de Tijuana. 35 animals were treated for parasites. 2 puppies were abandoned, but luckily one of the volunteers was able to take them in for foster until they are old enough to be fized and put up for adoption.

Please visit the Flickr page to view all of the photos from the March 19th IS Clinic
On March 27, 2010 volunteer Lisette along with volunteer Rocio headed up the Itchy Scratchy clinic in Los Laureles, a colonia of Tijuana. A total of 48 animals were treated for parasites and mange, 33 dogs and 15 cats.

According to Lisette, many very much appreciate the care given to their animals, and wait expectantly for the next clinic scheduled. Others will bring animals which aren’t even theirs, but are often found on their street. ALL are welcome.

This month there was a follow up visit to report on a pup which had a bad case of mange. His picture is evidence that he has almost made a full recovery. Another lady who just happened to hear about us from a friend thought that she could bring her pet rabbits; I had to ask if she had cats or dogs that she could bring instead. She came back two hours later with a brown mommy dog and her six puppies. Two more hours later she came back with her two cats. I finally asked why it took her so long to get home and back. Turns out she lives half way across town. Past the “Centro” area. She was relieved to find out about our upcoming “Itchy-Scratchy” Clinics in other areas, some more accessible to her than this location.
Thank you to the supporters who make the continuation of these clinics possible. Through the street clinics, HSTJ is able to spread the word about sterilization and educate the public about the humane treatment of animals.
These animals deserve a better life and HSTJ hopes to improve their conditions through awareness and education.

Please visit the Flickr page to view all of the photos from the March 27th IS Clinic

Friday, April 2, 2010

Diana Taylor, Mom of Titan Dedicates her 50th Birthday to Benefit HSTJ!

On Saturday, March 27th Sandra and Tom Baule hosted the 12th annual "Come as You Were" costume benefit party to celebrate Diana Taylor's 50th birthday! As they do every year, guests came dressed as who/what they were in a past life and, in lieu of birthday presents, brought something for the animal shelter of Diana's choice. This year Diana chose HSTJ as the beneficiary of gifts given in celebration of her birthday! Thank you Diana!

Over $250 was rasied as well as a TRUCK LOAD of donations including food, leashes, medication, blankets and pet accessories.  Volunteers Kelly and Michelle were the HSTJ mascots, donning the Animals Have no Nationality tank tops.

What a great idea Diana and such a creative way to help the animals in need of Tijauna.

I am sure many of you know Diana Taylor or have seen her around town, Diana is a regular at many of the pet friendly events.  You may recognize her white Great Danes - Ari, who was named Most Beautiful Female Dog in San Diego and Titan who, in 2009, was officially named the World's Tallest Dog by the Guinness Book of World Records!

Many thanks to Diana and her guests, several who flew in from out of town for a night of fun and support of HSTJ!

R.I.P Titan, In Loving Memory of the Gentle Giant