Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Pre-Valentine's Gala Was a Success!

Thank you again to Becky and Nancy for graciously hosting the amazingly successful and fun 1st Annual Evening for Friends and Lovers. The Band Moxie was great. Thank you again to Whole Foods and Mi Guadalajara for the delicious food, La Jolla Brewhouse for the fine ale and all of the volunteers who helped make the evening a success. And of course to all of the fine people who showed their support and attended this spectacular event.  We look forward to next year's Gala Event.
For those of you that missed the fun, on February 13, 2010, HSTJ had its first annual Pre-Valentine's Gala event at the home of Becky and Nancy in Escondido, California. Over 160 people were in attendance, enjoying food, drink and music from the band Moxie. HSTJ was able to raise funds for future spay and nueter clinics.

HSTJ's February 7, 2010 Sterilization Clinic

On Sunday, February 7, 2010, HSTJ conducted a sterilization clinic at the Universidad Iboamericana in Playas de Tijuana.

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who participated in this successful event and the faithful donors who support the HSTJ programs, a total of 48 animals were sterilized!

Here are the stats:
gatos/male cats 9
gatas/female cats 17
perros/male dogs 5
perras/female dogs 17

Thank you again for the support! To find out more information about HSTJ, please visit the website

Click here to see all the photos from the clinic.

HSTJ's February 28, 2010 Itchy Scratchy Clinic

On Sunday February 28, 2010 volunteers from HSTJ conducted an Itchy Scratchy Clinic in the Colonia Salvatierra.

103 dogs were dewormed, treated for mange, fleas and ticks. Some animals were treated for wounds. Each animals was sent home with some dog food and for those animals that arrived with inadequate leashes and collars, HSTJ volunteers were happy to provide a safe harness and lead.

Thank you to the volunteers: Enrique, Clemente, Maria, Jesica and Jesus. And of course thank you to the supporters, without whom, these clinics would not be possible.

Please visit our Flick page for photos from all of the clinics: