Saturday, December 5, 2009

HSTJ's Year End Report

On behalf of the animals that you have helped during the past year, the volunteers of Friends of HSTJ wish to thank you by sharing some good news and hopes that it lifts your spirits during this joyous season.

HSTJ's Spay and Nueter Clinics
Because of your support, in 2009, HSTJ was able to hold ten community center clinics and eight small mobile clinics between December 2008 and November 2009 which spayed/neutered a total of 466 dogs and cats and represented a 35% increase in the number of surgeries from the previous 12 months.

Spay and Neuter is the only proven effective solution for the overpopulation of unwanted animals. It is the only effective way to reduce the number of street animals and their suffering. Friends of HSTJ provided 90% of the funding for these clinics.

HSTJ's Street Clinics (Itchy-Scratchy Clinics)
In the past 12 months, HSTJ treated 1,472 animals at the Itchy Scratchy Clinic which are held in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana to treat animals for diarrhea, parasites, skin diseases and mal-nutrition. People bring pets that have never been seen by a veterinarian as well as the street animals living in their area.

By treating pets and keeping them from infecting the people, they are less likely to be turned out into the streets. By treating the street animals and making them more desirable to be around people, they are more likely to be adopted by a family or a neighborhood and have food, water and shelter and therefore do not have to live in the streets.

HSTJ has re-defined "Street Rescue" through these clinics. Once an animal has been identified as being a pet or adopted by a neighborhood, it is targeted for a future spay and neuter clinic.

From December 2008 to November 2009 HSTJ held 20 clinics and treated a total of 1,472 animals, an 85% increase over the previous 12 months due to an increase in donated materials, monetary donations, having more Mexican volunteers, and being able to afford some paid logistical support. Friends of HSTJ paid 75% of the expenses of these clinics.

Without volunteers and the Friends of Humane Society de Tijuana, HSTJ could not function at its current level and with its current programs. There are many ways that you can volunteer and much does not require that you go to Mexico. For more info go to the web site: or e-mail

If you can't volunteer but wish to help the animals and save them from a life of starvation, disease, pain and fear, you can make a donation.

In addition to our successes with the clinics, this year, a very special family was the center of a unique project due to their extraordinary commitment to the animals. Through the hard work and coordination of many volunteers and the non-profit Project Mercy, “Project Beatrice” was made a reality. In September and October 2009 a home was built and completed for this deserving family whom we have coined the Angels to the Street Dogs of Tecolote!

Read the Special Message from the President of HSTJ accompanying the Year End Report here:

President's Message Accompanying Year-End Report

President's Message

December 2, 2009

Dear Friend of the Humane Society de Tijuana:

Due to your generous and faithful support, this past calendar year has truly been remarkable in spite of the challenges we faced due to the economic turn down.

Our goals of having a modest increase in the number of animals served by our spay and neuter clinics as well as our street clinics were exceeded. In the case of the street clinics, it was beyond our belief, thanks again to our dedicated volunteers and faithful donors.

Last year's focus on recruiting more Mexican and American volunteers proved to be another success. Five of the new Mexican volunteers are not only helping at various events but have undertaken a training to conduct street clinics as principal organizers thus providing some relief for those who were already saturated with duties. This permitted us to reach out to more poor neighborhoods and accounted for the increased number of animals that we were able to help.

HSTJ's successes caught the attention of the main stream media in Tijuana and we saw many newspaper articles covering the clinics and events as well as local TV coverage in the form of reports and interviews which gave us a voice for educating the public as well as Mexican government functionaries.

As I mentioned in my mid-year report, HSTJ successes are creating growing pains. To maintain this level of activity, we need to assure that we have sufficient income to sustain the current level of service to the animals. That is why it is so important that you know what we are doing and take an active part in supporting the animals that so desperately need you. To know more about our fiscal year goals as set forth in the mid-year report, I once again invite you to visit the web site: and feel free to comment on the goals and challenges set forth in that report. It is too long to reiterate here but in summary we need to continue to focus on the clinics [community center, mobile, and street] in order to maintain the current level of help while taking on a more formal approach to public education.

Another thing that limits our ability to help the animals is not having adequate locations in Mexico for fostering animals that can eventually be adopted. Many of the HSTJ Mexican volunteers live in very modest houses, some in nothing more than huts, and while they have the will and desire to take in foster animals, do rescues and learn about animal care, they do not have resourses for purchasing adequate fencing or kennels. We need to better assist those volunteers who can take in fosters and street rescues. As noted in the mid-year report, HSTJ does not have the resources to have its own high quality, safe and clean shelter. Even more important, until the laws are changed to remove Tijuana animal shelters [public and private] from the supervision of local government functionaries, HSTJ does not elect to have a shelter but to continue to work independently and successfully and not be subject to the supervision of the very people who now operate the city "pound" which is by no means an animal shelter.

Logistical support is needed to keep the momentum going. HSTJ is now involved with too many activities not to have logistical support on a regular basis. We will need to evaluate our need to have more paid help to be available on a regular schedule to handle the logistics: materials, transportation, clinic set up and tear down and errands. Without it, it is difficult to maintain an organized operation. While volunteers are the key to the organization, they also have their own personal commitments which are not always compatible with HSTJ program schedules. A small corps of paid workers could go a long way to keeping the programs on an organized schedule. We will need to evaluate this situation in the coming year and determine if the expense will actually save us money in the long run and/or allow us to expand programs and help more animals.

If you can't volunteer your time, you can help the animals by sending a donation. No donation is too small. Remember, you can't change the world by helping just one animal but you can change the whole world for that animal. Please help us help that animal.


Richard Massa
President, FHSTJ

See the full End of Year Report here:

Sammy's Story

Remember Sammy, the Special Needs Super puppy? I thought it would be a great idea to capture the wonderful story of rescue in the Blog. I hope you enjoy.

It was Super Bowl Sunday 2009, and our first visit to the site of Beatrice and Family, who had over 30 rescues on their property. The goal was to neuter all of the male dogs in order to get control over the breeding situation. Sammy was one of our patients, barely 4 months old, he was by far our youngest and cutest patient. I remember he had a wound on his face which we cleaned up and put antibiotics on.

A few weeks later, when we were asked by Channel 6 news to bring one of our rescues to be showcased on the morning program with Darlene White from the San Diego Animal Support Foundation, I immediately thought of that little guy from the last clinic and asked that he be brought across the border. It was then we realized Sammy had a sight problem, I was actually told that he was blind. Much to my chagrin, I realized this was going to be harder than I initially thought. Sammy was a special needs puppy and would take a special person to take him into their home. On March 2nd, I sent out a plea e-mail:

“I write to you today to ask for your help in spreading the word about Sammy, a special needs puppy. I received him as a foster on Sunday, he was showcased on Channel 6 this morning, see the link and I have attached his photo here:

He is a street rescue and is mostly blind possibly due to heredity or an infection that went untreated at birth. The vet says he has cataracts in both eyes, that his eyesight can deteriorate further, that a surgery to remove the cataracts and lens would bring his sight back.

He is 4months old, neutered and he definitely has some wire haired terrier in him, he is going to be a medium sized dog.

If you are able, please help me find a forever home for this little angel, or even a foster home. He is special needs and needs the right person who will have the patience and love to care for him. Most ideal of course would be to raise the money for his surgery, or find someone who falls in love and is willing and able to get the surgery. He would even be a great dog without the surgery, just would need the training and stability of a home to learn his surroundings.

He is so sweet and has bonded with me overnight, he loves to cuddle, he plays wonderfully with my little dog, he can see shadows and movements, but is mostly blind. I am trying to find help fostering him until the adoption event next Sunday at Whole Foods in Hillcrest, but if he is not adopted next Sunday, I really do not want to send him back to TJ, he will not get the attention he needs.

I already have two dogs and live in an apartment. Please, forward this little guy to everyone you know, I would very much appreciate it. Sammy really is a special little guy and will bring so much joy to the right person.

Thank you for your help, Michelle”

Within one week, Sammy’s Angel appeared – Peggy and her son Jason, whom had just lost their beautiful Great Dane of 9 years, fell in love with Sammy’s picture and was willing to do what ever was necessary to help him with his sight. She took Sammy to an Opthamologist who prescribed drops for the eyes, and she began to see an improvement. On March 10th I wrote:

“I wanted to give an update on Sammy the Super Dog. First if all, I am so happy to say that Sammy has been placed in his new home. After fostering him for over a week, I not only fell in love with his cuteness but also discovered he gets around pretty well with his limited sight. After a few collisions with some furniture, he got the lay of the land and even learned to go up and down stairs!

Sammy, saw an Ophthalmologist last Thursday and surgery was not recommended at this point as Sammy's cataracts may improve as he matures. He has a follow up visit in one month, at which point we will determine the next step.

Thank you to all of those that offered their help with Sammy's plight. Please keep him in your good thoughts.”

In fact, Peggy and Jason ended up adopting two puppies from HSTJ so they could keep each other company.

"I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into when I took on 2 puppies especially with Sammy having sight problems. I did some research and talked to other people with blind dogs and thought that I could handle it. Point in fact – I have found that Sammy is no different than any other puppy. He sees well enough to chase Jason around the back yard and I have even seen him chase a butterfly so I think his eye site is actually getting better as he gets older. The last trip to the ophthalmologist confirmed this. He will never have full sight and because of his particular problem surgery will not help him. The Ophthalmologist said that he thought Sammy would have about 50% of his sight at best. But that’s ok it doesn’t slow him down at all.

In July Sammy and Angel went to Snug Pet Resort for a 3 week puppy training camp while Jason and I went to Minnesota for a vacation. One week into the vacation I managed to break my ankle so badly that I needed two surgeries to fix it. So Sammy and Angel ended up staying 6 weeks at Snug Pet Resort. During that time Snug brought in a blind dog trainer to work with Sammy and his trainer. This worked out really well; the blind trainer was able to give Sammy’s trainer tips on how to help Sammy live better with his limited site. Sammy and Angel came home perfectly trained little puppies, ok well almost perfect.

Sammy, Angel and Jason have become fast friends. They play together and if Jason had his way they would sleep together too but as you can see from the pictures they wouldn’t all fit on his bed any more!

See how they have grown!! Thank you Peggy and Jason for bringing these pups in need into your loving home!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HSTJ's October 11, 2009 Itchy Scratchy Clinic in Playas de Tijuana

On October 11th, HSTJ's attended a Dog Festival in Playas de Tijuana and held an Itchy Scratchy clininc. 124 animals were seen and treated for fleas, worms, ticks. The owners were educated about humane treatment, proper nutrition, importance of vaccination and sterilization.

ADOPTABLE ANIMALS - Saturday November 7th Adoption Event at Muttropolis Solana Beach

Come on out to Muttropolis in Solana Beach this Saturday from 11-3pm and find your new best furry friend! Muttropolis is located in Solana Beach next to the Belly Up at 227 S. Cedros Avenue.

WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR FOSTERS, if you are interested in becoming a foster, please e-mail
Meet Angel, 3 year old male lab mix - very friendly, great with other dogs and children. Approx 35 lbs. Loves to go for walks and needs an active family:

Meet Alex, 9 month old male Golden/Terrier mix. Approx 35 lbs. Great with other dogs, good on a leash, needs some puppy training:

Meet Princess, 9 month old female shepphard/Terrier mix. Approx 35 lbs. Great with other dogs, good on a leash, needs some puppy training:

Meet Sympatica, 9 month old female 6lb Chihuahua. Rescued from the streets of TJ with a very badly injured rear leg. The leg had to be amputated, but this little sweetie gets around just fine. She is looking for a home to be loved and pampered - an absolute angel:

Meet Lena, a 4 year old boxer/Staffordshire terrier mix. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, micro chipped, good with other dogs and cats, and is house trained. Lena would do best in a household with a lot of activity. She loves her walks and is very good about staying with her pack. She is very social and loves to be with humans and/or other animals. She would not do well with a family that is gone most of the time and she is definitely not an outside only dog. She likes kids but the little kids can scare her until she gets to know them better. Lena has a very kind soul that needs to find her forever home. If you are interested in meeting her please call Nicole at 949-412-2439.

Meet Garfield, a 6 month old female orange Tabby. Very sweet and curious - Spayed, UTD on shots and tested negative for FELV/FIV

Meet Blanca and Celine - mother/daughter pair - Spayed, UTD on shots and tested negative for FELV/FIV

Meet Snowflake - Male 6 month old Kitty. Nuetered, UTD on shots and tested negative for FELV/FIV

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009 Howl-O-Ween Yappy Hour at La Jolla Brewhouse

Thank you to those who attended the Pre-Halloween Yappy Hour at the La Jolla Brewhouse on Tuesday, October 27th! The night was a huge success, raising much needed funds through the raffle to help continue HSTJ's programs of sterilization and humane treatment of animals.

There were some great costumes this night, congratulations to the winner of the costume contest, Winston, the Wild West and of course runner-up, Michael Jackson! For more photos click: October 27, 2009 Yappy Hour Pictures

Our next Yappy Hour is planned for December 8th - Dress up your pet in holiday attire and photos with Santa! We hope to see you there.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009 Canine Carnival in Ocean Beach

On Sunday, October 25, 2009 Friends of HSTJ had a booth at the annual Canine Carnival put on by the Kiwanis Club at Dusty Rhodes Park in Ocean Beach. We provided information on HSTJ's mission and work in the poorest neighborhoods of Tijuana as well as raised money to continue the programs of humane treatment and sterilization.

What a beautiful, sunny and fun day, perfect for watching all of the human and canine costume combinations. I cannot say enough about the creativity. here are some of my favorite costumes.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

HSTJ October 18, 2009 Sterilization Clinic in Playas de Tijuana

On Sunday October 18, 2009, HSTJ conducted a sterilization clinic at the Universidad Iboamericana in Playas, Tijuana. A total of 59 animals were seen and had surgery.

One female dog [rescue] being fostered by a HSTJ volunteer had a hernia corrected but was not sterilized at this time.

Of the 58 spayed/neutered there were:]

20 perras [female dogs]

17 perros [male dogs] One of which also had an abdominal hernia corrected.

14 gatas [female cats]

7 gatos [male cats]

To view all of the photos from the clinic please click here HSTJ's October 18, 2009 Sterilization Clinic

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Beatrice - A reality - October 10, 2009 Visit

On October 10, 2009, several volunteers made a visit to the site of Project Beatrice and were happy to see the completion of the main structure and the loft!

Little Iris has already started moving some of her things in to the loft, she is really excited to finally have her own space and play room.

The entire family was so grateful for your generosity through all of the donations of linens, kitchen appliances and items, food, clothing, toys and more. They cannot thank you enough.

Much work still needs to be done with the final touches, painting and tile, but the structure is complete and secure and the family will be moving in any day!

HSTJ continues to provide food and medical care to all of the dogs rescued by the family and will work diligently to help place some of them into permanent homes here in San Diego.

please contact if you have any questions, would like more information on Project Beatrice or are interested in adopting a dog.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

HSTJ's September Itchy Scratchy Clinics

HSTJ Conducted two Itchy Scratchy Clinics during the month of September.  One on Friday, September 25th, at a Health Fair at the Universidad Iboamerica in Colonia Nuevo Milenio, treating 79 animals.

The seconed clinic was held Saturday, September 26th in Los Laureles treating 50 animals for parasites, mange and fleas and ticks.

That is a total of 129 animals for the month of September treated at the Street Clinics!

September 27, 2009 Sterilization Clinic at Colonia Castillo

On Sunday, September 27, 2009 HSTJ held a sterilization clinic at the Colinia Castillo.  We had four new volunteers join us! Welcome Christine, Debra, Holly and Becky!

What a successful clinic, because of the hard work of our volunteers conducting dog food drives, we were able to launch the campaign of offering a full 40 lb bag of food to all male patients brought to the clinic to be nuetered.

We sterilized a total of 42 animals on Sunday, a really great turnout!