Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HSTJ's June 22, 2008 Sterilization Clinic in the Colonia Castillo

On behalf of the animals of Tijuana, HSTJ would like to thank

Ms. Olive Walker
HSTJ loyal supporter and valued donor, Ms. Olive Walker funded the June 22nd sterilization clinic in the Colonia Castillo! Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

HSTJ's Sterilization Clinic on June 22 at Colonia Castillo was a huge success. The day proved clear skies and very warm temperatures. The volunteers were kept busy and we were able to sterilize 17 animals!

3 male dogs, 1 male cat

5 female dogs and 8 female cats

Here are some of our patients:

Thank you so much to all of our volunteers who travelled from San Diego, 1 vet, 2 vet technicians and 4 volunteers that ran recovery and assisted with other tasks. Without you, the clinics would not run so smoothly and be so successful.

HSTJ has also begun a Feral Cat program. From June 1st through June 20, HSTJ sterilized 3 male cats and 7 female cats. bringing a total of 27 sterilizations for the month of June!

For the month of July, our focus will be on the Itchy-Scratchy Clinics.

We will also be having an adoption event the weekend of July 12th and 13th at the Muttropolis Pet Stores in La Jolla and Solana Beach.

Please see the web site for more information:


We hope to see you there.

Once again, on behalf of the animals of Tijuana, thank you all. I think many of you underestimate the value of your volunteer efforts and/or donations. Believe me, we are able to do a lot with just a few hours of your volunteer time. We also have a reputation for being able to offer programs on shoe string budgets. Imagine what we could do it we had more resources. And remember, one of the best ways you can help the animals is to spread the word about our work in Tijuana. It only takes a click on the computer and you never know when you will touch the heart of someone else who wants to save these animals from a miserable life on the streets.

Thank you for your loyal support and remember, Animals Have No Nationality!