Thursday, July 27, 2017


On July 4th, we had the privilege of conducting a spay & neuter 
clinic in an extremely poor neighborhood of Tijuana: Cañon del Pato. 
(Take a look at this colonia on, 
and you'll see what we're talking about.)
We are happy to report that we were able to spay/neuter 14 Cats & 22 Dogs. 
Here are just a few of the photos that show some of the animals your donations have helped.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Friends of HSTJ sponsored the major part of a spay and neuter event that was held on 11 June 2017 in Downtown Tijuana and in support of Bastet Cat Rescue. The event was a mobile clinic to spay and neuter dogs and cats. It was open to the public with limited income and targeted the pet owners and rescuers in some of Tijuana’s poorest areas: Colonias Zona Norte, Linda Vista, Infonavit, Loma de Porvenir, Guerrero, Herrera and Anexa Herrera. It was a well attended event. See more information below.

The animals were brought to the clinic by local rescuers, individual pet owners and persons who just took in an animal to provide it with a forever home. Three long-time rescuers brought a total of 18 animals recently rescued from the streets of Tijuana

A total of 180 animals were brought to the event sponsored by 
FHSTJ and Bastet Cat Rescue.During this event, FHSTJ was responsible of the spay or neuter of 95 {53%} of the animals: 33 female cats, 24 male cats, 
24 female dogs and 14 male dogs.
 A large number of people from Zona Norte attended the clinic. Several kind hearted individuals from this very poor area of the city take in animals from the street but do not have resources to afford the cost of a spay and neuter. 

This is Malala, a precious 9-month old mix breed who was rescued a few months ago. She was "removed" from a person who had her chained to a wall on a few feet of chain. She had been beaten and was just skin and bones. Look at her now!! (Read on)

This loving couple is giving MALALA a forever home. It is obvious from MALALA’s behavior that she feels the security and love of her new family.

This is CLEO.  He is a young, 1.5 year old mix breed rescue and his story is somewhat unusual. CLEO had the good fortune to be ¨rescued¨ by a young girl who knew that her family could not take care of him. She solicited help, looking for someone who could give CLEO a forever home rather than abandon him in a vacant lot or public square as many do when they do not have resources to care for unwanted kittens or puppies. The young person’s responsible act gives us encouragement. It is an example of a cultural change that FHSTJ has been promoting since its inception. CLEO was accepted and then adopted by the responsible and caring person who is holding him so lovingly. The proud look on CLEO’s pet parent says it all. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

May 2017 Itchy Scratchy Clinic

Your Donations At Work

We are happy to report that we held a major parasite & mange treatment event on May 27th, 2017, in Colonia Nueva Aurora, one of the poorest colonias here in Tijuana. Most of the animals brought to the event had never even had any prior veterinary care.
It is important to use these events to educate the public and we try to capture the attention of young people, hoping to instill a sense of responsibility for pet ownership 
as well as compassion for the street animals.

We're sure you'll agree that to share our limited resources with these rescued street animals is a noble thing. We just wish we could help more people take in the more than 7000 animals still roaming the streets in Tijuana.

We treated 6 cats & 139 dogs at this clinic.  That makes a total of 1,321 animals so far this year, that we were able to rid of pain and suffering because of mange, fleas, ticks, etc.

So, THANK YOU goes to our beloved donors!

Thank you for making all of this possible!

This is Elote...
A few months ago, ELOTE was found with two other 2-month-old  puppies in a cemetery of the neighborhood of Nueva Aurora.  Unfortunately it is a practice in many areas of this city to abandon unwanted kittens and puppies in a common community local and leave them to fend for themselves among the local population.  Most live a life of misery. The fortunate ones are those like ELOTE and his two sisters CANICA and PALETA. ELOTE was adopted by Gisela and the other two by Gisela's mother in Tecate. ELOTE has his forever home with Gisela and is a guardian and companion for her and her children. ELOTE is now 7 months old. Gisela is waiting for the next spay & neuter clinic to have ELOTE neutered. FHSTJ supports both the street Itchy-Scratchy clinics and spay and neuter clinics. ELOTE was treated at the May 27, 2017 Itchy-Scratchy event in Nueva Aurora along with 139 dog and 6 cats that were treated for parasites and mange. This event also served as a public education opportunity where people were given information about pet care and the need for spay and neuter.



We have had the opportunity to distribute your donations in some wonderful ways in the month of June.  
It has truly been a busy month!
It started out with a Spay & Neuter Clinic in 
Colonia Flores Magon.
We were able to Spay & Neuter 19 dogs & 21 cats!
Here are just a few of the photos from the site:

Monday, June 5, 2017



April 30th we held a clinic at 
Salesianos facility Centro de salud esperanza
here in Tijuana.  
We were able to spay & neuter 22 dogs and 16 cats.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


The 1st time Dulce Garcia saw Cinnamon, it broke her heart! She had been abandoned in a paper box with 3 puppies.  She was incredibly weak and the puppies were extremely sick. Dulce tried to save all 4 of them, but unfortunately, the puppies died on the way to her home.
        It took several weeks before Cinnamon could muster up the strength to walk or ask for attention, but proper medical treatment, coupled with warmth and affection from Dulce eventually brought her around. 
        Nowadays, Cinnamon accompanies Dulce wherever she goes.  She is a happy, well adjusted animal… proving that with a little help, Tijuana’s street animals can be healthy and happy.

Monday, April 24, 2017



 A follow up exam was done one week after Maxi's initial exam and already progress was noted. The swelling from the glaucoma had been reduced and the corneal ulcers were showing signs of healing; however, the prognosis is still very guarded as before. Maxi will be on a prolonged regime of medical treatment. His daily activities are routine and normal and he is doing exactly what dogs are supposed to do. 
If you want updates on Maxi, please send an email to
 and in the subject line of the header, type: "SEND UPDATE ON MAXI". If you would like to help with the expenses so that we can help more animals, go to the web site  and click on DONATE or send a check to FHSTJ at the address below.

Friends of HSTJ
641 E. San Ysidro Blvd. #B3-431
San Ysidro, CA 92173

This month we had a medical challenge--Maxi. Enrique  notified FHSTJ that this dog was in need of urgent medical attention. (For more information on Enrique, see the blog below dated April 23rd entitled: “The Neighborhood Rescue Efforts of Enrique and Beatriz”.) FHSTJ took Maxi to one of the Tijuana veterinarians participating in a program to offer low cost care and spay and neuter for people and rescuers with very limited resources who are referred by FHSTJ.

Maxi was relieved of his pain and a conservative form of treatment was started to see how he responds. 

He was groomed and treated for internal and external parasites as well as the stones that had imbeded in his feet. 

While the prognosis to save his eye is guarded, for the time being, he will be comfortable and cared for. In the worse case scenario, even with one eye and free of any unforeseen complications, he will be able to live contentedly with the love and care of his rescuers. If you want an update on maxi, send email to and entitle your email ¨ Send Update on Maxi¨

Sunday, April 23, 2017


April 6th, we held the 1st of this Spring/Summer’s Itchy/Scratchy clinics and it was a fabulous success!  One hundred and seventy six pet & rescue dogs were treated in Salvatierra, one of the poorest Colonias here in Tijuana. As you can see from the photos, it was a tremendous success!
We want to give a special thanks to our donors, because if it wasn’t for you, these animals would still be sick and miserable.
We also want to express our appreciation and gratitude to Alex and his team of volunteers!!! We at FHSTJ highly value your self-sacrificing hard work! 


The neighborhood rescue efforts of Enrique and Beatriz

For years, Enrique & Beatriz have been doing street rescues in their neighborhood in the hills above the colonia of la Gloria in the South of Tijuana—an extremely poor area.  We have done stories on them in the past, so we thought you would enjoy this update.

These loving people , who live very modestly , share their home and space with street rescues, many of whom are not candidates for adoption. This is due to these animals having lived on the streets and among packs for so long that they do not adjust well to living without them. Enrique, Beatriz and their children provide a home for these dogs that would otherwise have to remain on the streets, hungry, diseased and fearful.

FHSTJ has been supplying food and veterinary care for this neighborhood rescue operation since 2008. Once again, we are happy to be able to share an update. Every month we deliver several hundred pounds of dog food to feed the entire group of current rescues which averages a daily census of 25. FHSTJ also provides veterinary care and spay and neuter services. 

As you can see , everyone comes to the food shed when the monthly food delivery arrives. It is obvious that these animals and the children share a strong bond